Manual Transmissions and My Love for Them

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       I love myself a standard transmission.  Little is better than the overwhelming satisfaction of being at a red light when your favorite song comes on: your left foot is feathering ever so sensitively, your right foot is anxiously poised over the accelerator pedal.  Oh! what a rush when that light turns green just as the chorus comes on with your windows rolled down and volume up.  

       And is it not just darling how you can slow yourself down without even thinking about breaking?  How you know you're the only person sitting in traffic who doesn't have their brake lights shining?  How you can be perched up a hill, without any pressure from your right foot?

       Then there are those times when you hit that speed-shift ever so perfectly.  You release the clutch with impeccable timing.  Not a moment of power is lost.  Ahh- manuals.

       Driving on winding roads in the mountains, you drop into 3rd gear and whip past ever bend, then you push into 4th and let the horses run on those straightaways, back down to 3rd as you approach a turn, then down again to 2nd in the hairpin. 


       Standard transmissions: I highly recommend them.

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