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I recently sold this home in Winthrop. It was an estate sale and the same family had lived in the house for 2 generations.

When meeting with the sellers of this house I offered to do some light staging.

I knew this was a quality house with a lot of potential but wanted to make it easy for buyers to see this as well. I couldn’t and didn’t try to hide that this house needed work. Just made it easy for potential buyers to see with a little love this house could be a home.

First Step

was to have a clean out of the house. I didn’t want to keep a lot of items so went through the house with yellow sticky notes and put them on anything I wanted to keep. Once the clean out was done I had a professional cleaner come in. Several people commented how clean the house was. It matters!


I went around the house and placed the remaining furniture strategically.

The living room:
There were numerous items in this room including area rugs. I kept 2 chairs and a table and faced towards fireplace. Also decorated the mantle. Fireplaces and hardwood floors are features buyers want.

Had all items removed from kitchen as it was overcrowded. Kitchen was fairly updated but hard to see with so many things in the room. The layout was also a little awkward but easier to imagine what you could do after the decluttering. The only thing I added were some yellow daisies in a glass vase with a ribbon tied around it.

sagingsusanDining Room:
Again had most of the items removed minus the dining room table and buffet. Added 2 neutral placemats with dishes and a live, colorful plant in the middle.

Cleaned out all bedrooms. In 2 bedrooms I had them leave the beds and replaced bedding. In the third smaller bedroom I had all items removed so potential buyers could picture as a child’s bedroom or office. In the Master Bedroom the carpets were outdated. In a corner of the room my husband pulled a corner so I could show hardwood floors beneath.

All items removed with the exception of a wicker chair and small side table. The chair was placed in the corner drawing the eye to the water view in the distance.

Throughout the house there were sheer curtains with toppers and pullback ties. Removing the toppers and tie backs gave a fresh, updated look.

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