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This is how I feel about my business..

"When you find that fire inside of you, a passion for your work that never quits, a positive force that radiates so bright that your clients and the people you do business with can actually feel, you will always accomplish what you set out to do and you will be always be worth more then your competition. One of my current sellers referred to this as the Eye of the Tiger when we signed the listing paperwork. I truly feel that believing in yourself and your value is half the battle, It also takes extraordinary determination, hard work, creativity and constant preparation. If you have pure intentions and you are prepared to help one more family today, there is no stopping how successful you will become."


Please read this June Success Story below, hopefully this will inspire you to live in the moment in your own business and always wake up prepared for anything.



In February I received a lead for a listing in New Canaan. I was up against two other agents, the first was the agent that sold the home to the clients (also leads the #1 team in New Canaan) and the second was handpicked by the manager of the # 1 Real Estate firm in New Canaan. After the dust settled I had secured the listing for the property at full commission ( I found out from the sellers afterward that both other agents offered to cut their commission to get the listing)

My manager Dave Wilk has taught me that you alone determine your self worth and if you can show value the client is always willing to pay more for quality service. So, Feb. 2nd we hit the market with one goal, have the deal closed on June 30th so they can be off to California to begin the next chapter of their lives.

We started strong, over 40 single showings but the agents could not seem to share the value of the house, location and condition so enter the open house stage. I held 8 open houses for the sellers because after the first month they requested that any showings be declined during the week but my task was to invite each of those agents and buyers to come to the open house every Sunday from 1-3pm. That is correct, no access except for the two hour period on Sundays..

I had met many potential buyers that were unrepresented and made it part of my daily ritual to update them on the status of the house. At the final open house one of those families came back, they spent over an hour with me and by the end of the time they were ready to submit their offer.

As a dual agent we have to walk a fine line however when you have clients that trust your character and integrity it allows the total communication to run smoothly and with that being said I was able to negotiate the entire deal by phone in less then 3 minutes, flipping between calls from buyer to seller, after the three minutes I had two very happy families and had successfully negotiated both sides of the deal with everyones best interests met and we were off to the finish.

The rest of the process ran so smooth with me as quarterback keeping everyone updated on a daily basis.

So, did I do it?


The deal just closed on June 30th, the day we set out for.. Sold for $1,550,000

One more additional success story, the buyers of the house had made the decision to purchase before even listing their house in Wilton. So, I listed and sold them the first house and they just listed their house with me in Wilton last week. I am glad to announce that we already have an accepted offer!


Moral of the story:

Don't let someone elses past dictate your future. Remember, you have one shot at any opportunity and the first time you meet potential clients make sure you show them who you are and what you have to offer. Be the best version of yourself every day and you will come away with more victories then defeats. Even when you know you have to battle two goliaths at the same time, show them that you will never stop fighting and you will gain their respect and you may secure their listing. You create your own success or failure, it only takes applying yourself to make them successes.

I hope this inspires you to go out and give it everything you've got each and every day!

Best of Luck on the rest of 2014,

Mark Pires

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Good luck Mark with all you do as it is great to follow the beat of your own drum

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