Homes for Sale in Saint George Utah with 100% Financing

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Homes For Sale in Saint George Utah with 100% FinancingHomes for Sale in Saint George Utah with 100% Financing 

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Why Not You?

It is my intention with this article to spark a glint of hope into the hearts of those that may believe that they could never own a home of their own. There are many Homes for sale in Saint George Utah with 100% financing available. The real question is, are you willing to do what it takes to prepare yourself both mentally and financially to live your own dream and take the first step to owning a home?

Do you live on a budget?

There are many resourses out there to help teach you how to start taking charge of your money and in turn to start building a future that you choose. Handling your finances without a budget to hold your spending accountable is a sure path to desaster.

Allow me to explain:

How many times in your life have you thought to yourself, I know that I had $20 dollars in my wallet yesturday what did I spend it on? Now think of how many times in the last year you have asked yourself that simple $10,000 dollar question. Yes I said Ten Thousand dollars because over time this simple twenty dollars adds up to Thousands and before you know it you are burried in bills that you have no idea how to get out of. Starting today to hold yourself accountable with a budget will help get you started. Here is a helpful resourse to start from one of my favorite financial teachers Dave Ramsey  , who has many helpful hint and strategies for anyone interested in eventually taking charge of their own financial future.  

To meet with a local professional to find out what steps you need to take to qualify for

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Do you have a written goal?  Julie's Vision Board

The first step to any succesful plan is a written goal and a visual image of this goal. One of my montors in Real Estate shared a link on Facebook a few months ago two pictures. One was on her goal or vision board of a home that she wanted to buy. Not this particular home but similar. She looked at this everyday for over a year without really thinking about it. Her and her husband bought a home and one day she looked at her vision board and realized that she had bought almost the exact house that she had been envissioning for a year without even consously looking for it. There is real power and hope in having a written goal and pictures of what you want for your future in front of you everyday.  Find a home to add to your vision board today!

Do the research and find an area that will fit your needs!

Saint George Utah and surrounding areas are a fantastic place to live and enjoy your life. The great part is that there are so many Homes for Sale in Saint George Utah with 100% Financing that you will have to choose wisely based on neighborhood statistics and what schools your children may be going to. For example: Crazy as it may seem, the Desert Hills area may even qualify for a special loan program under certain conditions. 


Start planning today!

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