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I am interesting in specializing in relocation. I have been through the relocation process twice now with large companies for my husbands job and have found that though very helpful with the physical move they did not provide us with much area information or help with finding a place to live. 

In this last move to the Metro Detroit area neither my husband or I had much knowledge of the area and relied on our own internet research and information from family friends about the area. It would have been nice to have someone who lives in the area be able to give us specific information of the different areas throughout Metro Detroit to get a better idea which area would best fit out needs. 

I would love to be able to help people that were in my situation to choose the best area for them and learn about the areas before they move there. I don't really know how to get into this specialty, I have a few ideas but would love any advice anyone could offer. 

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Vickie Nagy
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Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen

I once worked with a relocation co. who PAID an agent to do local tours. Their max was up to $250 for a half day and up to $500 for a full day. This relocation co. was working with a firm that wanted their new employees to "stick" (stay with the company). As we had a very diverse area in terms of urban, rural and tropical offering newer and older properties, lifestyle choices were abundant. Therefore they PAID for Q&A and drive time. You could take clients out for a morning or a day, never see a property and know that your basic expenses were covered, and ultimately you might get a deal out of it.

If you were in a position to offer a similar service on an a la' carte menu of services, buyers or their relocation companies might take you up on it. I would recommend that you create a 2-paragraph overview of the diversity within your area and put it on your website. See what happens.

The first "taker" will be pivotal. Get a testimonial from them, and the next. Soon you will have a full portfolio of recommendations that will enable to you reduce your 2-paragraph explanation down to one.

Best of Luck!

Mar 28, 2008 04:39 AM