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During my younger years, I have this dream of moving from one place to another.  I always love the idea of living in a new house and meeting new friends.  This dream has changed though when I got older and have my own family.  I guess this attitude has something to do with maturity and part of our idea of seeking stability.  After several moves from one house to another in the past, from country to country, the notion of transferring from one house to another stresses me.  It is like a temporary interruption of most things that I do routinely.  We all know that another transfer would mean packing all those stuff, and then unpacking it again.  And this entails hard work which is quite draining physically and emotionally, not to mention financially.

I noticed that some people don’t really mind the change and just go on with the flow. They don’t even care of what’s going on in their neighborhood.  Well, I can accept that because we are all different.  However I am the opposite, perhaps because by nature I am a friendly person.  I can’t stand to just sit there and do nothing.  I like to socialize, and invite friends in my home and entertain them.  So the very first thing that I would do which I thought would be a good starting point for any new face in the neighborhood.


  • Make the first step.  Say hi and introduce yourself.  And of course, always wear that winning smile.  It’s always good to see a smiling face.  The same thing should apply if you have a new neighbor.  In my case, when I have a new neighbor, I would bake bread or pie and knock on my neighbor’s door and give these baked goodies as a welcoming gift.  And guess what, they proved to become good friends for long even after we leave the place.
  • Organize a simple house party.  It feels good to have finally done with the unpacking and your house would seem like a good place to get together.  So, why not organize a simple house party and invite your new neighbors?  This is the best way to know them personally.  In the similar manner, when we have a new neighbor, after a week of saying hi and hello with my new neighbor, she would usually say something like “that bread or that pie was really good,” then it was time to say, “why don’t you come over and join us for dinner, I prepared my specialty and I would like you to try them?”  This statement has become a winning piece among my new neighbors and it’s just feels good after that.
  • Consider your neighbors.  After the house party, most people are tired and would likely prefer to rest and will be left at peace.  Remember all music maybe sound but not all sounds are music to your neighbor’s ear.  And also turn it off when you are done.  The same goes when you have kids having an argument over small matters.  Explain to them the importance of being a good neighbor and help them to understand the reason behind.
  • Throw your garbage during the scheduled collection day.   In case you missed it, be sure to bring it back and do not leave it at your front yard for your neighbors to comment.  It’s also pleasing to the eyes to see your yard weeded.  So, mow your lawn properly and regularly.   Do not wait for someone to call your attention or for the weeds to grow as tall as you.
  • Connect with your neighbor in such a way that you will learn from each other in a good way.   Look for ways to contribute to the community that you live in after all no one is an island.  So be a good neighbor.  Reach out and be a part of the community.  There is a feeling of belongingness when people count you in and make you part of the community you live in.  Your new neighbors can also contribute to your happiness one way or another so don’t just sit there and stress out with unnecessary problems.  Smile, you are not alone.


Always remember the Golden Rule, do not do unto others what you don’t want them to do unto you.  How to be a good neighbor can only be measured by your personal etiquette and how you mingle with others around you.  A good neighbor will definitely develop an instant friend that will last a lifetime.




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Ted Glover
Alderman Classic Realty, LLC - Moultrie, GA
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Frank I agree. I had moved back to my home town but out in the country. They were having a neighborhood watch meeting and we were invited to it. Its been 2 years now and we look forward to each and every meeting. Getting to see and talk to them regularly does make you feel as part of the community. 

Jul 21, 2014 10:03 AM