Make sure your mind is gear before your mouth is engaged

Make sure your mind is in gear before your mouth is engaged. 


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"Make sure your mind is in gear before your mouth is engaged" is a quote my college public speaking teacher, F. Scott Black, used to say and I have never forgotten this short piece of wisdom.



I was recently showing a home to a great couple who were first time home buyers.  These buyers were eager to find their dream first home.  One of the showings we went to was an occupied rental.  We were told to wait until the seller arrived before entering the property.  The tenant was there, however we did as instructed.  

Walking Through

The sellers were an older couple who shared they didn't live but 5 minutes away in their main home.  As the buyers and I walked through the home, the sellers were on our heels.  I prepared the buyers for possible scenarios at our buyer consultation.  While it was a bit annoying we continued with our preview of the home.  Whatever the buyers pointed out to me as a question or concern, the seller quickly jumped in and said "we will take care of it."   This wasn't said once or twice, but just about every time the buyers noticed or pointed out something.  


After leaving the home, I advised the buyers that seller would need to see their full offer before they can truly stand before us and say what they will and won't fix and, more importantly, it needs to be in writing.  Low and behold, this is the home they wrote on.  


The offer was accepted but a few of the concerns the buyers pointed out were not, as the sellers were not prepared for the expense or task of repairs!  These were minor and reasonable things that most sellers would do prior to listing or selling, nothing crazy and very little expense, just time more than anything.  Needless to say, with the response to those little things the buyers became super uncomfortable with moving forward, and did not.



Sellers make sure your mind is in gear before your mouth is engaged.  Making promises before you have all the information and details can mean the difference between your contract falling through and moving forward.  Talk to your REALTOR before discussing any terms with anyone.  


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We actually have a home inspection on Monday and the buyer agent asked me to have the sellers out of their home for hte inspection.  The seller is laid up at home with a broken leg and isn't going anywhere. 

Jul 11, 2014 12:47 PM