15 Crazy. fun, and funky home furnishings!

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15 Crazy. fun, and funky home furnishings!

1. Turn your hanging painting into a table - and back again!

2. Tree branch book shelves.

3. Floating cubes coffee table that will mystify your guests.

4. For you old-school computer nerds - a 3.5" floppy disk coffee table.

5. Or for the Star Wars fanatic in your home or office a desk with Han Solo frozen in carbonite!

6. Relax on a ergonomic wooden lounge chair while water jets spray you from below and shower you from above.

7. I love this one for a kid's room - a chandelier made from 1,500 Gummy Bears!  

8. If the floppy disk isn't for you, how about a cassette tape coffee table?

9. When the boss steps away, turn this conference table into a ping pong game!

10. This ultra modern kitchen completely folds away into a wall of cabinets.

11. Guys - buy your wife or girlfriend this "Little black dress" cabinet for Valentine's Day!

12. And don't forget about the family pet - who gets his own mobile home!

13. If funky, modern chairs are your thing, this one will turn heads.

14. Send your child to college with this fun one-unit bed/sofa/desk/entertainment center.

15. End your day with a relaxing soak in this bathroom hammock - completely suspended off the ground! 

Do you love these?  Which are your favorite?  Comment or drop us a line if you want to see more or get information where you can purchase these fun home furnishings!

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