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We get asked alot of questions in regards to lead capture tools and we always tell our real estate clients the same thing; "IDX Is The Best Lead Capture System For A REALTOR®"!

First of all, it addresses TWO of the THREE things required to be successful at capturing leads. (See our recent blog: Three Things You Need To Know About Capturing Leads).

In order to be successful at capturing leads, your lead capture system must bring value to the end user. This is critical and REALTORS® have a leg up on other industries because your customers are there to search for real estate. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 of your visitors are there to search for real estate. IDX Solutions allow them to search for real estate just like an Agent! Zillow, Trulia and even do not allow them to search the MLS with various capabilities like IDX does. So, does providing your visitors with a high end MLS Search bring value to them? You Bet!

Secondly, you must a have a system in place to interact and follow up with your potential leads. This is already done for you with our IDX Solutions, as the system keeps track of people who have signed up and shows you the exact properties that they are viewing - in real time! Automatic emails are sent to your visitors on your behalf welcoming them to your site and you are notified the minute that someone signs up. We have seen numerous IDX platforms and most of them do a very good job at providing you with a system, that enables you to keep track of your leads and most importantly, CONTACT them.

The biggest hurdle that most of our real estate clients face when deciding whether or not to incorporate IDX Solutions in to their marketing strategies is the ability to WORK the leads. This is where the rubber meets road. This is why you pay for IDX Solutions as a form of lead capturing. If you are not going to do your money! 

A word of advice regarding IDX. (I doubt that Paul McCartney will be offended with me stealing his line, but...) If It Is FREE..."Let It Be"! We have not found a free lead capture tool that works. It costs money to make money and IDX Is The Best Lead Capture System For A REALTOR®, plain and simple.

Do you want to learn more about IDX Solutions and how you can benefit from them? Give us a call today or check out some detailed information about our IDX platform by clicking on this link.


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Steven Nickens
Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers - Wailea, HI
R(S)GRI ABR, Maui Real Estate Hawaii

Great tool for sure

Jul 15, 2014 07:20 AM