Summer's Arrived at 1353 Lake Street In Milton Vermont!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Catamount Realty Group

This cozy, wonderful three-bedroom home is a delight year-round, but it's just so gorgeous that we thought we'd announce summer's arrival at this Milton nest!



1353 Lake Street has a large eat-in kitchen. The sun pours in whatever the season - but especially during the summer months, you can look forward to those ethereal orange squares of sunlight that pool on the floor late in the day.


Unlike many homes, 1353 Lake Street has a superbly finished lower level.

The lower level has a warm wood stove and copious elbow-room for everyone. It's the perfect spot for a group of friends or family to warm their hands on hot coco after a ski-trip, or it's the ideal cool retreat spot for a hot summer's day and home matinee!

Storage space is key to a comfortable home. 1353 Lake Street lacks nothing in storage - everything can have a place!

More than one car? No problem. 1353 Lake Street has a tidy two-car garage for sheltering your vehicles, come rain, snow, or heat.

Speaking of snow or heat - 1353 Lake Street has a hot tub! Take after the Nordic countries and jump in the hot tub on a fair winter's day for an experience otherwise only had at a spa - or just relax amongst the jets on a midsummer night's eve under the stars.

Along with hot tub luxury, 1353 Lake Street also has the quieter, practical comforts cherished by so many. A beautifully crafted porch awaits the scoot of your chair and the happy banter of your friends and family.



A nest wouldn't be a nest if it weren't swathed in dignified privacy: 1353 Lake Street is situated on 2 acres of private land. Grow a garden, play with animal companions, put up nest boxes for purple martins and tree swallows, scatter wildflower seeds, or just admire the stunning greenery in peace and quiet from that gorgeously crafted porch. It's truly your castle.


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