One of the most inexpensive ways to maintain your homes value

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I was at The Drink just off the Greenbelt having a beer over the Fourth of July weekend.  I overheard a table discussing real estate.  Of course my ears couldn’t help but listen to what was being said.  The spoke about their homes, value, neighbors, cost of remodeling and where trying to figure out the least expensive ways to maintain or improve value.


This may sound simple but one of the best ways to maintain your value is curb appeal.  Neighborhoods usually have similar curb appeal among their homes.  Of course you have your neighbor who spends all there time in the yard and the other that spends none, but majority are similar. 


By maintaining your curb appeal it not only enhances your home, but all your neighbors.  When the whole neighborhood is maintained, that translates to a neighborhood buyers want to move to. The quicker houses sell in your neighborhood, not only does that maintain value, it increases it.   Don’t worry about that neighbor who never spends time in there yard, or maintaining their home, when they sell they won’t get what you might, but buyers will see all the potential driving through your neighborhood.  If priced correctly it too will sell fast and watch it blossom.


Some sweat equity and a little money a year, you can do a lot to maintain your home’s value. Keep yard clean, trees, bushes/hedges trimmed, paint your door, update your hardware replace burnt out lights and broken sprinklers.  This is all simple, basic and things you probably already know. 


Do you have any simple ideas to keep your homes maintain your home’s value?


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