Home Staging is All About Balance

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Suzanne makes a good point about having balance in design and staging of a home. Feng Shui practice dictates that art of placement is about balance and energy flow and each position carries significance with how our lives might be impacted in subtle ways. Thanks, Suzanne! Love and light, Laura

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Home Staging is All About Balance

Being a Montgomery county PA home stager has its challenges. We're faced with the tough job of telling home owners that they need to change the home they've been living in for the past 10 or 15 years. All personal choices like paint colors, wallpaper, furniture and decorations need to be assessed to see if they help or hurt the appearance of the home. Home staging is all about balance and helping homeowners through the selling process. 
Home Staging is All About Balance
Home stagers have to find a balance in how we say things. It's a very touchy subject, the appearance of a persons house. If we say things too harshly, we could offend the seller. If we say things without enough conviction, the seller doesn't take our advice seriously. Everything that we suggest is for the benefit of the home owner, but we need to make sure it sounds that way.
When we declutter or accessorize, we have to find the balance of taking away too much or not enough. When we accessorize with existing accessories, having just the right amount is what makes a room. Too little and the room feels cold. Leave too much and the space becomes a visual distraction and looks messy. 
Home stagers love to play around with the arrangement of furniture. It's like a puzzle to us, finding the pieces that best fit and putting them where they belong. Balancing the room with the right size and amount of furniture can make a huge difference in how the room appears.
We all know, home stagers go for neutrals. But that doesn't mean we paint everything all tan or white. There are other colors that still fall into the neutral family, but are hardly boring. Colors like Behr's Sage Gray, Belvedere Cream or Whitewater Bay are a nice balance between having some color and not being overpowering.
We also have to balance our suggestions with the sellers budget. There are just some things a home owner might not have the money for and we have to come up with another way to fix the problem within their budget. 
Home staging is all about balance, it's in everything we do and say. It's not easy walking on the tight rope, but having a satisfied seller makes it all worth while. 
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Home Staging is a tool every seller should have in their back pocket. Don't lose out on potential buyers by selling your home "as-is".


If you live in the Montgomery, Bucks or Chester County of Pennsylvania and need a home stager, contact Suzanne.


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Suzanne has done a great job of explaining this balance Laura. Thanks for the reblog.

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