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I was searching for a blog that I had written a few years ago about new agents after reading a great blog by Melinda Peterson. Mike McCann Nebraska Land BrokerTo find it...I had to take a trip through the Blog Archives...and now about 1 hour later...teary eyed...I am writing this one.

Why this one?  I actually wanted to rewrite a blog about pointers for new agents and was going to use the old blog as a template...but never found the blog.

Why teary eyed? 

I read a ton of blogs but zeroed in on a couple of emotional blogs from 2 years ago.  Jacob McCann son of Mike McCann Nebraska Land Broker

One about how proud I was of my son...(and I still am) the photo to the right of Jake was taken on 7-16-14; one about my daughter winning the state championship in volleyball (shown below on her Birthday in May of 2014); and one about my neighbor Pat Kelly who moved away 2 years ago this week...who I considered one of my best friends and was like a son to me.

So what is this blog about you ask?  I am not sure.  I am just letting thoughts run down my arms to my fingertips onto the keys and then onto the screen.

It is absolutely amazing...when you wander the dusty backroads of your all the great memories come out of the shadows and hit you smack in the face. 

Some make you laugh...some make you cry...many leave you somewhere in between...all are part of the circle of life.

I encourage people to travel those backroads...and take in the smells or sounds or trinkets or items or photos or songs or places that helped make each of us who we are. Jaime McCann daughter of Mike McCann Nebraska Land Broker Don't lock them away in some trunk in the attic of your mind.

Heck that is what is fun about life...climbing the Mulberry tree to get to the good berries...picking apples from the top rung of the ladder...swimming in the river...helping that first time buyer and seeing the sheer joy when they get handed the keys...or the family say goodbye to a home they loved for the last time...watching your child learn to walk...and then learn to drive...and then fly the coop...(ok maybe not so fun on the last one). And on and on.

I am amazed as I read some of the blogs I wrote 2, 3 or 4 years ago that some are way better written than this one is...that I can see the changes in my now college sophomore daughter...that the world has changed so well as our industry.

I guess the only thing I can do is hit the send button on this one...look to improve my quality of writing...and check back in again on down the road to see how life in 2014 stacked up.

I have had a fantastic first half of the's to another fantastic 1/2 year to all of us!!

Until Next Time...

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