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Real Estate Agent with Crown Key Realty

This will be a simple and straight from the heart blog. Two things to write about. I recently posted about my initial efforts at farming. I asked for suggestions and ideas. The response was overwhelming. 57 responses with ideas, suggestions and a lot of simple encouragement. The ideas are so good in some cases I'm surprised I didn't think of them myself. I will be starting a Facebook page and a website so my farm can find out what is going on in their neighborhood. I will do additional door knocking, and I will remain diligent in my efforts and understand that growing clients does not often happen overnight. Thanks Active rain Community.

Secondly, our RE office was recently broken into. The place was trashed, equipment stolen, and and countless wires cut. A real mess. As word got out as it quickly does in in a city of 80,000 we were almost immediately contacted by a number of other RE offices. Competitors. Their response was to offer us "what ever you need to do business". Computer and internet access, desk space, meeting rooms so we could meet comfortably with clients. Copy machine use, printer use. Simply whatever we needed to keep business as usual going. Wow.

These two totally different happenings once again made me realize that the Real Estate community,  and our affiliates are a very special group of people. Kind, considerate and above all caring. Competitors one moment and compatriots the next. Myself, I'm overwhelmed at the desire to help. I will make sure I carry that attitude with me wherever I go.

My name is Dale E. Bledsoe with Crown Key Realty and as always I may be reached at 209-481-6031.