You really want to offer $100,000 less than asking????

Real Estate Agent with Smart Green Realty

You called me to see houses with asking prices between $600,000 and $700,000. Now you have found a house that you love, and you tell me that the top of your comfort zone as far as price is $540,000???? I'm happy to show you homes above your price range. But I wonder where the line is? One house that we saw was definitely $100,000 over-priced. But that was an anomaly. It is a gorgeous old stone house that had been a rental for years--a textbook example of "deferred maintenance." It needs a complete overhall. I'm all for a lowball offer on that home. However, the home you want to buy is just the opposite. The people bought it 8 years ago and spent $300,000 upgrading everything. It is in perfect condition. I work for you. My job is to work hard on your behalf to get you what you want. Still, I'm flabbergasted. What is wrong with this picture?

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