The Importance of Pre Qualification

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Again ,I have new buyers who want to start looking for a home here in Tucson AZ.  But... they have not found a lender yet or had the "talk". These buyers have already sold their home in another state and expect to move to a town they have never been to in record time. 

So of course, my first conversation with them was about the market in Tucson and that you needed to have your ducks in a row to make an offer. Homes are going fast! I encouraged them not to wait until the wife arrives to start shopping for a loan and narrowing down the price range they will be able to afford.

I do not send in an offer without a prequalification attached or proof of funds. As a Sellers agent I expect it. This makes a solid offer not just a disorganized Buyer or Agent. These things make a difference in considering how a Seller wants to proceed if at all. Especially in a multi offer deal.

If you want to be considered makhomes.get e sure to before you start looking at a prequIf you want to be considered makhomesalification

I also tell buyers it is not fair to Sellers to ask them to leave their home,make sure it is clean and tidy and maybe take the dog for a walk or the kids out for ice cream  when you are not even a qualified buyer.

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