Top 10 Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Main Line Philadelphia Home

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Main Line Philadelphia Homes For Sale

The Top Main Line Philadelphia homes for sale are in such high demand for three reasons – how they are priced, how they are presented and how they are promoted. Today we’re going to discuss how they are presented – specifically how to stage your home to get more value. A special thank you goes to Kate Hart as most of these suggestions are courtesy of Hart & Associates Staging and Design. Staging is not just removing personal photos and rearranging furniture. Staging is about making sure that you are selling the best product in the marketplace. First impressions are crucial. Buyers look at a property online before making a list of homes they want to see. Staging and the right photos will ensure that your home makes it to the top of the list! People are willing to pay top dollar for a product that looks great. So start thinking of your home as a product.  

Top 10 Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Main Line Philadelphia Home:


  1. Hire a Professional Stager for a One-Hour Consultation – We include this as part of our service. Or walk through your property as if seeing it for the first time. Maybe ask a brutally honest friend to join you. Starting from the curb – do you need to mulch and edge the beds? Are the foundation plants covering windows? Does the driveway have cracks? Are there cobwebs by the front door?
  2. Clean – think about detailing a car. This is the most important and often the least expensive thing you can do -. Buyers will judge the areas of your home they cannot see by how clean the areas are that they can. Have the carpets and the tile grout steam cleaned.
  3. De-clutter – remember clutter costs. Even if your house isn’t on the market, start to pack up personal things – collections, kid’s crafts, paperwork, books, etc. Note: messy, stuffed closets signal in the buyer’s mind not only a lack of closet space and storage but a lack of general overall maintenance on the property.
  4. Paint – fresh paint simply creates a more appealing product. If you have a room that is not a neutral color then ask your local paint store for the most often purchased colors. Carry a brush and bucket of paint for the trim as you tour the house. Be sure it is clean and lightly sanded first or use a liquid sand/degreaser product.
  5. Let the Light in – buyers want a property with light. First remove heavy window treatments. Open blinds fully when showing the property. Put halogen or brighter bulbs in the fixtures. Update the flush mount fixtures – Home Depot and Lowe's carry ones for approx. $10 each. Bathroom mirror lighting can be easily updated for a nice impact.
  6. Refresh Hardwood Floors – Hardwood floors are a status symbol. Refresh your floors with a mop on cleaner that contains polyurethane. Rejuvenate is one brand. If there is hardwood under your carpets – pull them up and expose them. If you can’t do this throughout then at least expose the hallway or foyer so that the Buyer can see the possibilities.
  7. Carpeting – replace carpeting if possible with a neutral color. Use the same carpeting throughout the level – for example the hallway and bedrooms should have the same color. If you can’t replace the carpet then have it cleaned.
  8. Upgrade Doors – Replace your flat hollow doors with new paneled doors- This will give your home a mini makeover. If this is not in the budget then paint them a semi gloss white.
  9. Remove Wallpaper – There are 20,000 wallpapers in the world. It is unlikely that home buyers will choose the same as you. Remove it now so they can move right in. Buyers will either choose another house that is turn-key or add 2-3x the cost to actually have it removed and subtract that from an offer. At the very least, have a quote ready in case it is mentioned.
  10. Make Each Room's Purpose Clear – Make sure each room has a purpose or buyers will not understand how to live in the home. Make your playroom back into the dining room; make the 3rd bedroom back into a bedroom or bedroom/office combination. Rent or borrow furniture as necessary.


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