Is "Email Hell" too disturbing?

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Hi everybody - as some of you already know, I'm working on a new tool for Realtors called Jibebuy. I very positive reponses when I demo the product in person, but I've really struggled with the marketing materials. I spent all last weekend (yeah, I'm a geek) working on a completely different way to explain Jibebuy. If you have just a couple of minutes, please check out my new page for Realtors at:

Feedback I've received so far: Some people find the "hell" motif a bit disturbing. What do you guys think about this? Yeah, I want it to be memorable, but I don't want to offend anybody!

Everybody I've shown it to so far likes the comics style presentation, but I'm getting feedback that there are too many words on the parts directed at Realtors. Any suggestsion for which parts I could drop? 

Is the whole thing just too cheesy?

Thanks - feel free to comment here or contact me directly,

P.J. Tezza


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P.J. Tezza
Jibebuy - Berkeley, CA

Oh, I forgot to add the all important image:

Escape from Email Hell with Jibebuy

Jul 22, 2014 01:54 AM