5 Home Luxuries For Less

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5 Home Luxuries For Less - Steve Adams Remax1

5 Home Luxuries For Less – Everyone wants more luxury in their life, right? While many home upgrades can tend to be expensive, there are affordable improvements out there that can add extravagance without breaking the bank! From at home spas to sound systems, we’ve gathered the best options to create home luxuries for less:

1. Spa Shower - The bathroom is one of the best places to add more luxury in your home. Switch out your regular shower head for a “rain” shower head which can either be attached to the ceiling or the wall with an extension arm. This simple change will make your bathroom feel like a spa!

2. Indoor Fireplace - Adding an indoor fireplace to your home is a great way to create a cozy feeling without spending a ton of money. Electric and gel fireplaces are currently a popular trend and they also don’t require fuel. You can add this luxury to your home starting at $3oo.

3. Dimmable Lighting - This is an easy fix that will instantly create a new tone for your home.  Switch out the light switches for your chandeliers, lamps and general lighting for a dimmable version. This will allow you to control the mood in your home and add a richer feeling.

4. Sound System - You don’t have to spend thousands on an expensive home sound system. Many appliance stores now sell sounds systems in a box that comes with multiple speakers, an amplifier and a subwoofer. Adding this luxury to your home will cost you $300!

5. Wine Cooler - If you love wine, this luxury is a must have! While wine cellars are expensive and space consuming, a wine cooler is the perfect alternative for keeping your favorite wines at the perfect temperature. This luxury will cost you $100 to $150 for a tabletop cooler that holds up to 12 bottles and built-in coolers are more costly.

You can instantly create a luxurious feel without spending a ton of money by adding these updates to your home! What do you think of these home luxuries for less? Have you already added any of these luxuries to your home? Comment to share with us!

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