Up and Coming Foreclosures for July & August 2014

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The following properties are facing foreclosure by their respective lien holders. 

  1. 89 Nahele Road Haiku 7/23/2014
  2. 701 Onipaa Place Makawao 7/25/2014
  3. 10 Kameeui Place Lahaina 7/25/2014
  4. 1590 Puili Place Kaunakakai 7/29/2014
  5. 480 Kenolio Road 31-203 Kihei 7/30/2014
  6. 537 Pohaku Street Kahului 7/30/2014
  7. 925 Makani Road Makawao 8/4/2014
  8. 71 Kupalaiki Loop Kihei 8/4/2014
  9. 44 Kanani Road 1-204 Kihei 8/11/2014
  10. 165 Mikia Place Kaunakakai 8/14/2014
  11. 5085-I Hanawai street Lahaina 8/15/2014
  12. 486 Ilikahi street Lahaina 8/18/2014
  13. 160 Keonekai Road 12-206 Kihei 8/20/2014
  14. 545 D Front Street Lahaina 8/20/2014
  15. 145 N. Kihei RD 524 Kihei 8/20/2014
  16. 2910 Hana HGW Haiku 8/21/2014
  17. 1925 Kahekili HGW Wailuku 8/22/2014

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No Longer (TAKING) NEW Foreclosure Clients!

In this volatile Real Estate market it is important to understand the many facets of this changing market, appraisers begin to pen this (2015) market as a upswing Real Estate market, with the ability to increase the appraisal by .3/4 per month of last comparable sale. When choosing a Realtor/Broker keep in mind the many attributes that bring in expertise, short sales, foreclosures, REO’s and the continuing straight forward Multiple listing sales. I have experience in every market, in every condition.

Call me for advice in each and every area of today’s Real Estate market.


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If you have any questions what so ever on Maui foreclosures, call me directly and I have the inside scoop as I attend the auction everyday.

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