Moving to a New Home Made Easy! The Ultimate Moving Survival Guide!

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Summer is always a tremendously popular time of year for families and movers changing homes across the United States. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, 15.3 million Americans moved between the summer months of June and August last year. Moving into a new home can be a stressful and overwhelming task. Fortunately, a little preparation and careful planning is all it takes to reduce stress, and ensure a smooth transition into your new home. Save time and reduce stress with these helpful tips provided by Mattress Firm, Inc., and

Be ahead of the game:  Saving all your tasks for one day is not the best idea, but planning ahead is a great way to stay organized and make your move much easier. Start planning your move as early as possible, and be sure to mark your move in date.  Utilizing a calendar is a great tool to visualize your move. You can schedule a day for each room, and save the most used rooms for a later date.  Storing all of your moving information in one place is can also be helpful. 

Protect Your Valuables:  Some items may need to be dissembled when moving, keep small screws and pieces in a small bag that is marked and labeled accordingly. Fragile items like dinnerware should be wrapped separately with extra padding to avoid damage. Using old clothes to wrap your dishes is a great way to save money and protect fragile items. Just make sure to label your boxes accordingly to ensure safe handling.

Pets:  All of the commotion that is involved with moving can be frightening and stressful for animals. Consider making arraignments to check your pet into a pet day care facility. You can also arrange to leave Fido with a friend or family member on move day.

Change your address! You can change your address online with the US Postal Service. You can also specify the date you want your address change to become effective.

Get Organized: Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of old belongings. Sort out the items that can be donated instead of throwing everything out.  Shred old documents,try not to move anything that you don’t have to.

Survival kit: Pack an overnight suitcase with all the necessary items you will need on the first day, and be sure to have snacks and plenty water available. Keep a first aid kit on hand in case of an accident, and make sure that it is easily accessible.



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