When I'm not selling real estate ~ Im playing in a band...

Real Estate Agent with Re/Max Palos Verdes

Its really important to have hobbies - I believe you must keep yourself busy and not always with work stuff. Real Estate can over-occupy your life, and having some time to yourself to do things you enjoy can help you come back to real estate with enthusiasm and vigor.

I play in a band and have been writing songs since high school. I finally got 15 original pieces together and recorded and I'm in my final steps towards releasing my album.

This is a pre-sale to my album. Please contribute and I will mail the cd to you once finished in the next few months.  I am really excited and there are some really good songs in this album.   There is an incredible piece I just recently wrote for my daughter Brooke.  I had a violin come and track the lead part - and it was incredible.


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