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What's the #1 Home Selling Trick for Selling Real Estate in 2008?

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One of the most shocking things for Denver real estate agents and homeowners to see as reported in Remodeling Magazine's Costs vs Value Report of 2007, is the confirmation that nasty ugly bathrooms with mold and mildew wall tiles need to be remodeled before you sell or list your house. Bathroom remodels returned 82.2% of your investment (ROI) or the seller's investment, yet realistically, according to most top Denver Realtors, bathroom remodels will help your home sell faster than any other remodeled that you can possibly do!

The reason bathroom remodels are so important is because many have unattractive, dated and old colors for bathtub's, bathtub/shower tile and toilets.  What person wants to buy a house with tan, gold, yellow, almond, or white patterned old tile - or worse yet, old mildew/moldy grout and caulk with water damage along the tub or shower? Bathrooms are often ranked as the #1 "turn-off" for most potential home buyers - as an old nasty bathrooms and bathtub areas gives the appearance that the home owners probably didn't keep up their house very nice or maintained either - right?  Although Wood deck additions returned 86.3% and basement remodels returned 83.8%, most home buyers don't care and put as much emphasis on those.  Bathrooms get used 5 to 10 times a day (or more!) and that's where you and your kids shower and bathe in. Although minor kitchen remodels still remain #3 at an 83.1% ROI, bathrooms are 20 times harder to do yourself - and get forgotten about and neglected to be remodeled most.

Although most typical bathroom remodels cost approximately $10,000-$14,900, one national company called Re-Bath can actually put in a brand new acrylic bathtub or shower, acrylic wall systems that are mold and mildew proof, all new plumbing and a shiny new bathtub or shower door for less than $6,000 in most cases!  The amazing thing is that Re-Bath can actually install and remodel your nasty bathroom in one day - yes one day, and have been doing this since 1979 with nearly 1.9 million bathroom remodels, and currently are doing over 300 bathrooms remodeled a month from their Denver/Salt Lake City owned franchise. Re-Bath puts in such high quality tub, shower, wall and plumbing products that they actually guarantee "everything" they do for as long as you own the home.  That includes the installation and labor for a LifeTime Guarantee. Re-Bath does not put in tile and grout that can get moldy again after a few years, they only install 100% mildew and mold proof non-porous Durabath SSP acrylic material. In most cases, they can remodel your master bathroom and your main bathroom for less than $11,000 - less than half the price on 2 bathrooms than what the local yellow page and big plumbing companies charge! Plus, you can have a brand new bathroom in just one day!

Even more appealing is that Re-Bath offers 12 months "Zero Down" same as cash financing - so you can remodel one or two bathrooms now and pay for them the day after your house sells and closes - so you never actually have to spend a dime out-of-pocket!!! Learn more about Re-Bath of Colorado here at their web site and design your own new bathroom.  See the 9News video interview here too.

Whether you're a homeowner or a Realtor, consider how much faster you can sell your home if your bathrooms DON'T look nasty like the other 10 homes for sale in your neighborhood - and think about the TRUE added value of doing a bathroom remodel.  Since most everyone has remodeled their kitchen already, maybe a new bathroom remodel or two bathrooms remodeled will be what it takes to get your home SOLD quickly and for top dollar! Don't forget, potential homebuyers will 'discount' your list price $10,000-$15,000 if you have one or two nasty ugly bathrooms - and especially in nasty master bathroom! It might be smarter to consider a bathroom remodeling investment to 'lose' $1,958 in un-recouped bathroom remodeling investments (82.2% ROI x $11,000) than to get many purchase offers with "low-ball" prices of $5,000 to $15,000 below your list price - right? If you qualify for the deferred financing - it costs you nothing to sell your home faster and for a much higher purchase price...something many home sellers should STRONGLY consider if you have one or two nasty old out-dated bathrooms in today's highly competitive Denver real estate market.

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