Marketing Tip #3 for your real estate web site

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Incoming Links 

Incoming links are very important to the popularity of a web site.  Why?  Links make it easier for search engines to find your site.  As the search engines scour the web, they follow links.  As they follow links, they index those pages.  Think of it like testimonials, the more testimonials out on the web for your site, the more popular your site becomes.

Where do you get incoming links?  In Tip #2 we talked about Craig's List. I showed you how to put a link from Craig's List to you site.  Craig's List is a great way to get an incoming link.  Another way is to submit your site to directories.  There are many out there, here is a list of a few:  This is my favorite, because I created it!  I know the importance of getting your web address out on the web, so I created this directory to give you a tool to post an online ad.  Feel free to email me any questions you have.  This is a very popular directory.  Yahoo's directory is the largest on the web.  A little pricey $250/year to be considered, but very popular.  This is also a popular directory and FREE.  However, very difficult to get into.  Worth a try!  - a directory of resources for Real Estate Professionals.

Also, ask your friends, family, business associates for links from their sites.  Chamber of Commerce?  Organizations you belong to? Anyone  you refer business to?  These are just a few ideas.

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Bo Buchanan - Oswego, IL Directory, For Real Estate Pronulls
Thanks for mentioning my Directory Maureen!  You're always a great resource and I look forward to working with you more in the future!
Apr 14, 2008 11:45 AM