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Austin Real Estate Professional Certified to Address and Encourage the Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Green Features in Homes

Real Estate Sales Representative with The Live Well team at Prudential Texas Realty


Date:               3.01.08

Contact:          Tally Ragsdale, tally@perryhenderson.com  The Live Well Team at Prudential Texas Realty www.livewelldowntown.com

Austin Real Estate Professional Certified to Address and Encourage the Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Green Features in Homes


Austin, TX - 3.5.08-- Perry Henderson, of Prudential Texas Realty in Austin has earned the EcoBroker Certified® designation, having successfully completed a unique and informative training program on the energy and environmental issues that affect real estate transactions.  Perry Henderson joins the movement of professionals pushing the real estate market toward energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthier design/features in homes and buildings. 

The "performance home" movement is getting a boost thanks to this type of high quality real estate professional earning the EcoBroker designation.  EcoBrokers®, like Perry Henderson, throughout the country are forging this market and creating competitive advantages for their customers.  With national surveys indicating that 80% of consumers consider themselves "green-minded," real estate professionals with the EcoBroker designation are in a better position to serve the real estate consumer.  "I'm always looking for the best ways to offer my clients the best value. My EcoBroker training helps me ensure customer satisfaction, my number one priority," Perry Henderson explains.  "From windows to moisture control to energy savings, I now have more resources at my disposal to help my buyers and sellers make better real estate decisions.  The EcoBroker designation doesn't make me an energy and environmental expert, but it allows me to better understand the issues and to convey this understanding to my buyers and sellers."  

EcoBroker International's education and designation program is designed exclusively for real estate professionals who care about the environment and want to help their clients benefit from the energy-efficiency, "green," and healthier features of homes and buildings.  EcoBroker provides a complete curriculum of energy and environmental training to licensed real estate agents.  Real estate professionals must complete the extensive EcoBroker curriculum and training and fulfill additional program requirements to become Certified EcoBrokers®.  "Perry Henderson, is an example of the quality real estate professional the EcoBroker designation continues to attract," explains EcoBroker International's CEO, Dr. John Beldock.  "These real estate professionals are not only distinguishing themselves in a competitive market place, but they are really giving back to the community in very constructive and meaningful ways.  Austin needs more contributors like Perry Henderson. The planet and our grandchildren need them too," Dr. Beldock said. 

From his downtown Austin office, Perry Henderson explains, "With EcoBroker® training, I have broadened the range of real estate opportunities I offer my clients.  Whether the transaction involves environmental assessment and mitigation (mold, radon, etc.) or the opportunity to reduce utility bills, I'm in a position to help.  The real estate industry is changing, and to best serve my clients I need to understand the newest designs, technologies, and environmental issues.  My EcoBroker designation helps me stay ahead of the game."  

Perry Henderson earned his EcoBroker Certified® designation in December and is wasting no time in putting the tools and additional expertise to work. Perry Henderson has already found that being a Certified EcoBroker® creates added value and customer satisfaction that sets him apart from other agents.   

For example, at a recent listing presentation, Perry Henderson was able to show the prospective sellers how he can highlight the benefits of the solar power power panels can earn Swanee 21 homeowners a monthly check for selling excess energy back to the city. His innovative energy and environmental perspective gave him an edge in winning the listing.  Perry Henderson says he's looking forward to continuing to positively impacting the quality, durability, comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness of homes and commercial buildings.

For additional information please contact:                      

Tally Ragsdale tally@perryhenderson.com

About Eco-broker International

EcoBroker International provides a unique energy and environmental curriculum to licensed real estate professionals, leading to the EcoBroker Designation. EcoBroker's mission is to broaden and improve the base of training and continuing education for real estate professionals and in doing so, encourage improvements to the quality of buildings, while reducing their impact on natural resources and the environment. EcoBroker is a BuildingÒ America and Built GreenÒ Colorado Education Partner; the most successful green-building program in the United States. EcoBroker provides state-approved continuing education courses to licensed real estate professionals in states throughout the U.S.  EcoBroker can be reached by phone at 1-800-706-4321, online at http://www.ecobroker.com/, and by email at customerservice@ecobroker.com.


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Perry, congratulations! That's awesome! Welcome to Active Rain!
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Alex Charfen
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Great post.  Congratulations on joining Active Rain, we hope you get as much out of this site as we have.  if you even need information on short sales and foreclosures we have quite a few entries on these topics.

Alex Charfen

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