The Atlanta Beltline Gets National Attention

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Everyone would agree that the Atlanta Beltline is changing the face of Atlanta in a great way! However, it’s been a challenging road.  Delays, lack of funding, and legal issues are all muddying the waters of Atlanta’s most prized Project: The Beltline. Everyone has been excited about this ambitious Urban Revitalization Project. The Wall Street Journal published an article, on July 31st, slamming the Beltline Association for the dizzying amount of disorganization that has been keeping the project from progressing.




Will we only get more renderings instead of actual progress? When will we see them come to life?  Atlantans’ patience and excitement are dwindling as delays are piling up more quickly than construction being completed. Remember how long it took for the Edgewood Bridge to be completed? But patience paid off. We now have a beautiful new bridge!



The project is estimated to be completed by 2030. The Beltline was an ambitious project from the get-go. But, amid budget shortfalls ($891 Million has yet to be secured) causing slowed land acquisition, the 14.5 year deadline is approaching quicker than it seems. Some are losing faith that the project will be completed on budget and on time. The Tax Allocation Districting (TAD) contract that was negotiated and signed in 2005 has been a source of recent funding delays. The Beltline owes Atlanta Public Schools some $6.7 Million based off a fixed rate implemented when property tax rates were higher, before the housing bubble burst.


Although it’s been a challenging project and will likely continue to do be until its final completion, there is no doubt that once this massive project is completed, it will make our Intown neighborhoods amazing to live in.  We can already see great results and the improved walkability the Eastside trail has brought us.


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