WARNING, Home Inspectors Can Be Hazardous To Your Wealth

Home Inspector with Priority Home Inspections Inc.

Do You Know That 85% of All Home Inspectors In Brevard County and across the Country Are Over Alarming!!

These bad inspectors are scaring your clients to death over even the smallest issues in the home.  All too often normal maintenance issues are blown way out of proportion and worst of all, many inspectors could care less if your sale moves forward or not! Most have no regard for how much time and effort you've spent getting the buyers this far in the home buying process!  Their lack of regard for you and your hard work is shameful!

We also want you to know that there are some wonderful Home Inspectors as well.  These good home inspectors are generating quality information that your clients can rely on.  They're providing true Peace Of Mind for your clients. 

A good home inspector understands how important it is to be a professional compliment to your sales process, not a hindrance!  These inspectors will provide your clients with a good,  honest inspection report that is conveyed in a very thorough yet Non-Alarming manner.  Sure the house is still the house, but a good home inspector will not scare your clients to death over minor defects with simple solutions and preventive maintenance issues that every home requires over time. They will educate your client on solutions to the problems and provide them with piece of mind and help your client feel more comfortable with their prospective home.

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