Get "shui'd" in your home office with some "Feng"

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Many years ago I read about how you can change energy and moods in your life by changing the arrangement of "things" in your physical space.  I found much of the reference materials on the ancient subject of wind and water to be very detailed and difficult to apply.  When I invented my self as a real estate stager three years ago I searched for a book on the subject matter that I could easily understand and apply in my staging techniques.  A furniture "ker plunker" I am not.  Your clients will love you and your work when you begin to apply the principles of Feng Shui to your staging and styling work.  The book is available at any of the big book stores as well as Amazon.  Feng Shui Your Life is the title.  You will love reading it and the photography is wonderful.  The day I practiced in my own home office was the first day of a whole new adventure.  I love going into my home office now and can actually get work done in there.  Money goes where energy flows....
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Alicia Barrington
Houston Home Staging Presents Alicia Barrington

I had my Dad's cremains in my marriage corner, and believe it or not, all the only people I ever dated in that period of time were funeral directors!   Buried Dad, tuned the piano (that was also in the marriage corner) and in three days found the next love-of-my-life!

So if you've got a piano (or other tunable instrument) in your marriage corner, or you money corner, keep it tuned!

Go figure!

Mar 30, 2008 12:35 AM
Jeanne Borgstrom
Keller Williams Integrity NW - Saint Cloud, MN
Realtor for Keller Williams Realty Integrity NW
Oh yes Tom.  A client's office I staged for his success this week had a taxidermy rattle snake on his desk.  I asked him what he thought the symbolic meaning may be.  He said he used to put calling cards of sales people he did not like on the snakes mouth.  His wife and I chuckled as I very gently prodded, "Do you know that when you wish harm onto others, it only comes back to you?"  When I was finished re-arranging his desk and placing his things back in his space, as a joke, I placed his coiled up snake on his desk chair to greet him.  We all got a big laugh, then he said, "well maybe I'll put him away now."
Mar 30, 2008 12:46 AM
Misty Thomas
Houston Realty - Crosby, TX
Realtor Crosby, TX
Good points made in this post! Good luck with your staging! I will check out the book!
Mar 30, 2008 01:22 AM