Defining Luxury: Convert That Old Dining Room

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“Luxury” appeals to many different personas and personalities. What one finds “luxurious” another might find distasteful. Or what another finds “cheap”, someone else might find “luxurious”. While “luxury” certainly has a specific definition that suggests comfort, unique, and appeal, what one finds “luxurious” can differ from person to person.

In the world of luxury real estate, we see it all. Imperial Real Estate Group has the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients. And in that wide variety we see varying degrees of what each client finds “luxurious”, particularly in a home. Luxury to one client might mean prime location, a pool or veranda, state-of-the-art and modern appliances and technology, or even a nearby dog park. Regardless of what our clients determine as “luxurious”, we are here to help each and every one of them find the perfect, luxurious real estate.

Luxury Real Estate

One interesting luxurious trend many homeowners are following is converting their dining rooms into other spaces such as a library, dens, home offices, a gym, or even a movie theater, for the real high-end home owners. What is the reason for this? Many would argue that in today’s fast-paced, on-the-go society, with more meals eaten outside of home, on the patio, or in front of the computer or TV, the need for a family dining room becomes less and less. Therefore, many home owners are doing research and even getting creative in turning their dining rooms that are only collecting dust into a unique, attractive and luxurious space that no doubt gets the attention of any guest who enters their home.

But what about those families who might want to convert the extra dining room space into something more luxurious, but might still want to have space to entertain? There are still options. Most newly renovated and designed luxurious homes have open floor plans that allow home owners to use the space creatively. This might mean installing a bar countertop, convert a kitchen dining area into a larger eating space, or even having meal space on a patio or porch. It’s all in how you use the space.

Even if prospective home buyers and home owners still desire a functional dining room in their new home, this is also a great idea to keep in mind during your home search with Imperial Real Estate Group. Keeping an open mind while searching for that perfect home could be all that’s missing to closing in on a deal of a lifetime with a beautiful and luxurious home. Home buyers should look at homes with open floor plans, or keep an open mind to how to turn spaces that may seem unattractive, small, or unused into what they define as “luxurious”.


All in all, Imperial Real Estate Group has a great deal of experience working with a variety of clients with all different styles and tastes, and in what and how they define “luxury”. With Imperial’s experience, we are also able to assist home owners in visualizing a new home or condo, and how they apply certain luxurious appeals to various spaces. Contact Imperial Real Estate group today at (305) 331-9192 for a free, initial consultation and to talk to us about what you are looking for in your new home. And we’ll do the rest. With having an Imperial real estate team member on your side, you will most definitely find your own piece of luxury.

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