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If you have never owned a condo, here are some things you may want to consider. The attached article explains some of what you should be aware of. Please note, this is written for the Ontario Canada market and there may be some differences in your area.


I have also attached a link to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation ( CMHC ), they provide Canadians with information covering all areas of home ownership and more.


There is so much to know when buying a home or condominium. For instance. If you buy a home or rent in Ontario, landlords cannot restrict you from having a dog or cat. There may be some restrictions set out by the government regarding number of pets you may have, or in the case of pit bulls, you may not be aloud to have one. Landlords can't stop you from renting if you have a pet, but they do have recourse if the pet is destructive to the property or a danger or nuisance to the neighbors.


Condominiums are a different kettle of fish. They can have condo by-laws that can restrict the kind and size of pet you may have, or restrict you from having pets at all! If you have a pet and are thinking of buying a condo, make sure you check the condo by-laws before putting in an offer. Better yet! work with a Realtor!   or 


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Condo purchasing requires some reading of docs and a good agent...

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