35 Creative ways to improve your home's curb appeal.

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1.         Hide your garden hose in a nice pot.
Unsightly garden hoses and spray nozzles can easily be coiled and stored inside of a big ceramic pot or planter. 
2.         Reface your foundation.
If you have a plain and boring concrete or stucco foundation, add faux or half bricks, tiles, or faux stone to turn a negative into one of its nicest features.
3.         Highlight your address numbers.
Instead of small black letters near your front door, why not get creative with larger letters built into in a false rock, concrete column or stone feature with built-in lighting.
4.         Add a pathway.
Build a pathway to your side yard or driveway with mulch, stone, great plantings, and stepping-stones.
5.         Install shutters.
Nothing makes the face of your home look better than nice shutters outside each window.  Look at plenty of color patterns but try a glossy paint with deep, dark colors like black, crimson, or hunter green. 
6.         Get a new front door.
Replace your humdrum front door with a classic stained wood or modern full window door. 
7.         Add window boxes.
Remember those shutters we put up?  Follow that up with box planters outside each window (or just the second floor) with colorful flowers.  Stained wood or bright paint looks great on these.
8.         Plant vines over unsightly areas.
If there’s an area of the house that isn’t particularly nice to look at – like if it has utility poles, boxes, or lines – you can simply put up a vertical trellis in front of it and plant some vines.  

9.         Build a trellis above the garage door.
Let’s face it – garage doors are ugly.  But an easy weekend project of building a nice trellis over it, complete with interwoven vines and some accent lighting, and your garage will be the envy of the neighborhood. 
10.       Paint your front door.
Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t allow for a brand new front door – you can repaint your existing one!  To make sure the new layers of paint don’t keep it from closing properly, you might want to sand it down some before applying primer and paint.  Match this too your shutters with glossy paint.
11.       Create a container garden.
Our first instinct is to plant everything in the front yard, but it’s way easier (and looks really cool!) to mix and match fun, funky, and colorful containers to hold flowers and plants.
12.       Update your mailbox.
Just like your address numbers got a makeover, spruce up your mailbox.  Instead of having it hang by your front door, build a classic wooden pillar and have it sit out on the street, or wrap the base in brick or stone.  Build in a sturdy mailbox but make sure it locks.
13.       Set up a sitting area.
It’s amazing how inviting a front porch or front yard looks with some simple outdoor furniture so you can sit outside and enjoy it.
14.       Update your front porch light.
Replacing outdated lighting with new, modern lighting is a great way to improve curb appeal without breaking the bank.
15.       Replace your garage door.
Trade in your dented and dated garage door with a gorgeous wooden carriage door or faux wood door.  You can even get these to open horizontally to complete the look of a million dollar mansion!
16.       Fix up your garage door .
If you don’t have money to replace it, you can have a row of horizontal windows cut into your existing door and add screw-on hardware that makes it look like a classy carriage door.
17.       Add new hardware to your front door.
Add a new knob, big brass knocker, and brass kick plate to any front door to make it look brand new. 
18.       Add an archway.
Build an archway on the way to the front door and cover it with vines, colorful flowers, and cool lighting.
19.       Paint the exterior.
You may not want to paint the whole house, but there’s nothing wrong with painting only the front, including a three-color pattern with the trim and the front door and shutters different colors.
20.      Paint over concrete steps or porch floor.
Paint old and weathered concrete steps or a porch with dark and glossy paint.  Black looks great, but remember to prepare the concrete well first and use specialty mason/floor paint because of the high foot traffic. 
21.       Power wash.
Rent a power washer for the day and spray clean your house, your roof, inside gutters, stucco, walkways, and your driveway.  Just remember to wash from the top down so you don’t create a bigger mess.

22.       Replace your welcome matt.
Don’t forget that something as simple as a new, colorful, and personalized welcome matt can make a great first impression.  You can even build your own out of painted wooden slats!
23.       Wash windows.
Take out the Windex and the old newspapers (better and less expensive than paper towels) and give your windows a good washing – they’ll really sparkle!
24.       Plant a tree.
To break up a monotonous lawn, plant a tree and surround it with a mulch bed and other lower plants or flowers.
25.       Upgrade your porch railing.
If you don’t have money for a brand new porch, you can replace the posts and spindles and repaint to make it look new.
26.       Add edging stones to your driveway.
I love this look – instead of a boring asphalt driveway butting right up against the lawn, set in edging stones, pavers, or bricks along the way.
27.       Hang outdoor curtains.
Outdoor fabrics are weather resistant and sheer enough to let light in, so use them as outdoor drapes hanging from your overhang or porch ceiling with tiebacks.  The neighbors will rave about it!
28.       Outdoor chandelier.
While you’re at it, replace your boring overhead light fixture with an outdoor chandelier to make your front porch look like the foyer of a million dollar mansion!
29.       Add lights to walkway.
New landscaping lighting along pathways gives your home that welcoming glow at night.
30.       Hang string lights.
Wrap trees, posts, and front porches with strands of white outdoor lights.  The key is being subtle so it doesn’t look like Christmas!
31.       Put up hanging plants.
You can make any porch pop by hanging pretty flowers or lush ferns from pots suspended from the ceiling, complete with their own mister watering system.
32.       Rip out the lawn.
Replace the front lawn with natural landscaping and symmetrical flower gardens to give it an organic, modern look.  You can even have fun and recreate the beach with small crushed gravel that looks like sand, “beachy” grasses, and seas shells and starfish scattered around!  
33.       Put a bench in the garden area. 
Simply adding a sitting area can add curb appeal.  Don’t be afraid to go with something bright and fun.
34.       Add elements of water.
A fountain, water feature, or koi pond makes a great signature piece in the front of your home.
35.       Hang a porch swing.
There is no better way to add curb appeal – and even add value to your home – with a hanging swing on your front porch.  A nice one isn’t too expensive and you can easily attach it to a strong beam with chains or thick ropes.  It will add instant charm to the front of your house!


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Courtney Cooper
Cooper | Cartwright - Seattle, WA

Hi Anthony Alfano  - nice colorful post - I am a sucker for all of the curb appeal little details - probably why I love houseboats so much....  hope you have a lovely day.

Aug 11, 2014 06:47 AM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Get a new front door.   This goes to the top of my list! 

Aug 11, 2014 06:58 AM