Do You Know What It Takes To Sell Real Estate?

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One of my favorite sales movies GlennGary Glenn Ross, Alec Baldwin said it best. Do you know what it takes to sell real estate? My answer is yes, a dedicated team all working towards the same result....a very happy client. I see many Realtors who do not have their team ready for each transaction. You need to have everyone in place and ready to perform. That would be your Lender, Settlement Co, inspectors, termite etc... many agents do not have this ready. Relationships that are built over many transactions, some easy, and some tough is the start. I see many agents who send each deal to a different lender? My question is why? Why would you not keep your team of professionals on each and every transaction you can? I have heard that some Realtors give out 3 cards of lenders, my question is are they also giving out 3 different title companies? If you had to go and get a surgical procedure done guess what, the Dr. has his team ready on the day of the surgery and each one is ready to perform their task. It is the same thing with Real Estate, if you have a new client meeting and you had your team in place, do you think the transaction would go smooth? I would say most likely it would. If you use different lenders, and settlement companies all the time you are risking your name and customer service. How many times do you hear of a nightmare closing? I hear it almost daily and I still wonder why in the world they were sent to that service provider? Most recently a local lender wrote a pre-qualification letter for a new construction purchase, the builder starts building the home and the client gives $7,000 in Non-Refundable earnest money. Well 1 week before the closing I get a phone call asking if there is anything I can do to help. In looking at the deal and trying everything, the answer was no, I could not help. Long story short, the client lost their earnest money and were very upset. That deal should have never been made without a pre-approval from an underwriter. This would have avoided the entire bad experience for this couple. These types of situations happen everyday, our job is to try and avoid that and have smooth transactions. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! I use my business partners for one reason, they get the job done and make me look even better by having a great customer experience! My video below is on one of the tools I give my Realtors/Builders. You tell me.....What Does It Take To Sell Real estate?



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Patrick Chicklinski





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Raymond E. Camp
Ontario, NY

Good morning Patrick,

A willing buyer and a willing seller is my answer.

In New York we are not supposed to say one of whatever and as to title company it is up to the attorney.

Make yourself a great day.

Aug 13, 2014 10:08 PM