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Surprise, AZ. No Solicitation Law

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So, I was recently the percipient of a not so nice phone call.  Well, actually it was a voice mail that I was listening to and so I appreciate the caller giving me this opportunity to explain the Surprise, AZ. No Solicitation Law.

Their concern

This persons concern was that someone was going to see the material on their door and thereby assume that they were not home.  Applying this logic the would be intruder could have picked any home in the neighborhood as several other homes were also “empty.”  Now, assuming someone is not home in Arizona is a very stupid thing to do and you could find yourself on the wrong end of a Shotgun, a .45 or 9mm pistol so whomever is going to “assume” that may want to think twice.  However, I can understand this persons concern and had they bothered to leave me their name and telephone number I could have responded and actually helped them with their concern.  The fact is now I do not even know the address so they will probably get more “stuff” next month. icon smile Surprise, AZ. No Solicitation Law

Why we do it?

One of the first things this person said in their “not so nice phone call” was that this type of marketing, we had left a postcard with marketing stats for their area from the prior month on the door, was possible one of the worst kinds of marketing that we could do.  That’s funny, some of the top Realtors I know in the area use this kind of marketing and find it to be worthwhile.  My family and I have lived in Surprise, AZ. since 2001 and we have lived in several different homes.  During that time we have received all sorts of “stuff” from all sorts of businesses on our doors.  If it doesn’t work than why are so many different types of businesses doing it?  I thought the market data I gave would be very helpful to anyone selling their home in the area.  The reason business leave “stuff” on our doors is because it does work.  Anyone can tell you that a mixture of marketing all works together to bring in business.  It is not the only way I market but it is one of, and will continue to be, the ways I market my Real Estate Services.

What saith the Law?

So, just what does the Surprise, AZ. No Solicitation Law say?  First off we must define what a solicitor is?  This is a direct quote from the Surprise AZ website, “Solicitor is any person, business, or entity who attempts to make contact with an occupant of a residence either personally or through the use of a business card, handbill, brochure or flyer for the purpose of advertising or attempting to sell a good or service.”

1.  The solicitor must have a business license with the city of Surprise.

2.  Materials can only be placed on the front door of a residence.

3.  If there is a “No Solicitation” sign materials cannot be left on the door.

4.  A “canvasser” is exempt from this law.  A canvasser is (again taken from the Surprise, AZ. website), “…a person who attempts to make personal contact with an occupant of a residence for the purpose of attempting to discuss or fundraise for a political party, issue or candidate, religion, philosophy or ideology. Newspaper or editorial-based content is also exempt from this ordinance and is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.” 

How to keep from being solicited?

1.  You must display a “no soliciting” or “no solicitation” sign at or near the home address numbers.

2.  The sign should be legible within a distance of at least 20 feet.

In Conclusion

I won’t mention what this person went on to call me in their voice mail but like I said above I would have been more than happy to offer an apology and fix the issue next time had they only left their name, address or phone number in the voice mail.  Simply to call up and go on a rant may have relived some anger but as of now I am still not able to fix the issue for this particular individual.  Hopefully for those reading this will help better explain the Surprise, AZ. No Solicitation Law.