San Francisco Hard Money Loans

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The San Francisco real estate market is one of the strongest in the country.  While the real estate market is great, obtaining funding for your real estate project can often times be difficult.  We specialize in San Francisco hard money loans and are available to help with a number of options for many financing needs.  From hard money rehab loans in San Francisco and the surrounding areas to cash out refinances, long term purchases and financing on unique properties and for unique situations, we are often times able to offer solutions that other hard money lenders cannot.


One of our most popular hard money loan programs in San Francisco lately has been for rehab and construction completion type projects.  Not only are we able to help with a hard money ARV rehab loan, but we can also make introductions to equity partners who are looking to joint venture with rehabbers on San Francisco properties (and other higher end properties in desirable locations).


These equity partners typically are willing to come in with the difference (or gap) between the hard money loan we can provide and the cash required to close, allowing savvy investors to leverage other peoples money in exchange for, typically speaking, a 50% profit split upon the sale of the property.  This is an option to consider if you have some experience rehabbing homes for profit, but don't have the liquid cash available to take on a project in the higher cost areas such as San Francisco.


In addition to rehab loans, our other hard money loan programs in San Francisco can allow for very creative options and often times higher loan to value ratios due to the desirability of the area.  Some of our hard money programs will allow for up to 80-85% financing on the acquisition of a property without holding funds for rehab.  While our rehab programs are more aggressive due to the fact that they lend on an after repair or as complete value, they are also more expensive and require a fund control account and an interest reserve account.


If you have been searching for funding in the San Francisco Bay Area with no luck, give me a call today and I will be happy to discuss your scenario and the options I can provide!

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