Buyers This is A Summon To Buy Real Estate To Save The Economy Like Yesteryears Call To Buy Bonds To Save America

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Buyers This Is A Summon To Buy Real Estate To Save The Economy - Like Yesteryears Call To Buy Bonds To Save America.

Eva Nash - Broker - Eva Nash Realty - Wrote The Following Comments On The State Of The Economy. We could call this a Summon Liken To A Class Action For Buyers To Stop And Desist Withholding Their Purchase Power And Buy Real Estate Now. When That Happens The Economy Will Once Again Thrive. Turn Off The News And Turn On Your Buying Power. The Economy Needs You. ONLY You Can Change The Economy One Sale At A Time. Supply (Sellers) Must Be Met With Demand (Buyers) To Bring Balance To The Marketplace.
It is very important to see yourself in this economy. We often think The State Of The Economy Is Outside Of Us But It Is Inside Of Each Of Us As Each Of Us Performs Our Individual Contribution To The Economy. We all matter and we all know Our Truth.

What Would Happen If Every Buyer Stopped Withholding Their Buying Power, And Began Using It Today?
1. Our Economy Would Thrive.
2. Real Estate Would Be Bought And Sold.

3. Families Would Return To "Their American Dream".
4. Every Part Of The Economy Is Stimulated When Buyers Buy and Sellers Sell.
5. A Fear Based Economy Collapses If Buyers Stop Withholding Their Buying Power.
6. Buyers Hold All The Answers To An Economy That Is Strong.

7. Buyers Will Buy Today or Pay More Tomorrow.
8. The Buyers Reward Is There Has Never Been A Better Time To Buy.

Do Not Allow Any Fear Propaganda To Hold Your Buying Power Hostage.
You Know Who You Are And You Know What You Must Do Now.

Florida Has Spoken And Voted In Portability And Taxes are being lowered but ONLY Buyers M o v i n g Full Force Into The Real Estate Market Today Can Make The Economy Thrive, As We All Want And Need. Buyers who let go of withholding their buying power will be all the change that is needed.

Let your buying friends know
It Is Time To Buy Now.
We Are In A Buyer's Market Yet Buyers Wait.
Like Nike says "Just Do It".

All Power is Within Every One Of us.
We know it but we need to remember just how all powerful each of us is. Our perceptions are often illusion created and not reality at all.

Today's Encouraging Message
This is much like a call of yesteryear to Buy Bonds To Save Our Country. Today you are called on to buy real estate and therein change the face of our economy one purchase at a time. Your purchase counts.

Your Purpose: The Chaos Principle Is Simplified Somewhat Like This: You Are A Specific Event That Needs To Take Place In The Order That Appears As Chaos Maybe Even Appears Random But, It Isn't.
*We Change Everything In The Moment We Do What We Are Meant To Do.
*Thinking About It Is Not Doing It.
Once Again,
*If You Are A Ready Willing and Able Buyer Then I Summon You Now To Buy Right Away And
*Do What You Have Chosen For Yourself
*Which Is To Be A Real Estate Buyer In Todays Real Estate Market.

The Collective Consciousness Is All Of Us And Each Of Us.We All Come Together To Make Up The Energy Of Today's Economic Report For Housing. What Do You Believe? What are you waiting for?

Move The Economy
One Sale At A Time.
Create Change In This Economy.
need to see your part in this economy whatever your part is.

If You Are A Buyer Then You Need To Buy.
*There is Plenty Of Choice and Rates Are Low.
*The present economy becomes productive when you buy.

Buyers When You Read This Please Call Me Or Your Agent Now And Go Out And B uy  P ro p e r t y Immediately. Why? This Is Your Purpose Because You Have Chosen To Be A Buyer In Today's Real Estate Market. There Is Nothing To Figure Out There Is Only Your Duty To Buy As Soon As Possible. You Need To Do Your Part To Stimulate The Real Estate Economy With Your Purchase.

Of course, everyone is not a buyer right now but, if you are then YOU need to buy now. Everything starts with you. I am simply saying if you are waiting to buy, stop waiting and buy. Sellers want to sell and buyers that need to buy should stop withholding their buying power.

We usually all know what to do but now we are summoned to do it.

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Comments (2)

Endea Thibodeaux
Lanham, MD
Solar Energy Consultant, CDPE, CLHMS
The problem for my business is not the Buyers buying it is the lenders lending.  If you can't get a loan it is pretty useless.  I am talking about good credit buyers.
Mar 30, 2008 02:00 PM
Eva Nash Responding to comment

Hello Endea Thibodeaux from Maryland, DC area Real Estate Auctions. 

Lenders for sure are on notice to practice adherence to lending practices that are different from what has brought us to where we are now. This Could Be A Topic For Another Blog.

Here In Florida, Lighthouse Point, Pompano and Deerfield There Are Just Too Few Buyers To Meet The Demand Of Inventory. I want very much to encourage Buyers to go back into the marketplace in search of their "American Dream" home ownership. Every Buyer Is Important And Every Buyer Needs To Know That. We Build The Economy One Buyer At A Time.

Auctions, like Foreclosures draw the buyer in search of a unique purchase. Everyone can't get that one house. The special deal is no longer separate from traditional sales pricing as it has caused the traditional sale (non foreclosure)  to be offered competitively and offered right along side foreclosures that also languish on the market.

I would like the forecasting news to find some positive positioning that would encourage the collective consciousness that could mark this day. Our Governor Crist has a much needed task force called HOPE. Home Ownership Promotes Economy. That Sounds Good To Me.  The destructive force of foreclosure needs to find the solution of helping owners to stay in their home not be forced into foreclosure, but that may be a new blog. Special Deals Are No Longer Unique to Auction and Foreclosure.     

Thank You For Your Comment From Maryland I appreciate that you took the time to write..

Mar 31, 2008 02:44 AM