What Is The Office of The Mobile & Manufactured Home Ombudsman?

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What Is The Office of The Mobile &

Manufactured Home Ombudsman?



This is a very important adjunct and resource to resident/tenants of rent/lease Mobile & Manufactured Home Park Communities. If you're the victim of landlord abuse, harrassment or bullying this is where you go.



The following FAQ's are from the 

California Housing &

Community Development's

TITLE 25 Mobilehome Parks

Act, Mobilehome Residency Law



This is being presented in its unedited and


 unabridged format with minor enhancements for


easier reading.


Mobilehome Ombudsman Home Page


The Mobilehome Ombudsman receives and processes complaints from the public and from public officials related to living in manufactured homes and mobilehomes. Staff provides information, coordination, referrals, and other assistance to help resolve complaints generally related to:

  • The operation of mobilehome parks related to health and safety matters.
  • The purchase, sale, financing, titling and registration of manufactured homes and mobilehomes.
  • The installation, inspection, and maintenance or alteration of manufactured homes, mobilehome accessory structures, and park grounds.

In some cases the Ombudsman may directly assist in resolving complaints, however most complaints are forwarded to the federal, state or local authority having jurisdiction for their resolution.

We CAN Assist You With Questions Or Complaints On Many Issues:

  • Mobilehome park health and safety issues such as unsafe electrical, sewer, gas or water systems.
  • Manufactured home unlawful or unfair sales practices by dealers or salespersons, some private parties, escrow companies, and unlicensed persons.
  • New manufactured home warranty, sales contract, and installation issues.
  • Mobilehome Residency Law copies and information only on where to obtain assistance for lease, management, or rent disputes.
  • Manufactured home owner title, registration, fees, alteration, repair and sales information.
  • Compensation for certain mobilehome and manufactured home sales for warranty, fraud and misrepresentations.

We CANNOT Assist You With Certain Other Issues:

  • Unfair or illegal management practices by mobilehome park management.
  • Rent or fee increases or disputes.
  • Enforcement of the Mobilehome Residency Law civil matters.
  • Used manufactured home and mobilehome warranty claims, unless contractual.
  • New Manufactured Home warranty complaints unless the manufacturer or dealer has received prior written notice from the manufactured home owner of the specific problem within one (1) year and ten (10) days from the date of delivery of the manufactured home.

The Ombudsman cannot mediate or offer any legal advice on mobilehome park rent disputes, lease or rental agreement disputes, or similar legal matters. You should seek legal aid or assistance from an attorney or your local government officials in these matters.

Filing a Complaint

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