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It's Sunday night and i'm in my social media frenzy updating my various sites..I'm in my normal listening mode glancing at the TV every now and then.. because The Real Housewives is on...  "Jersey" that is....

Honestly I wish i had the time to really watch..but obvoiously I've got other things to do !  Aw, such is the life of a Keller Williams Housewife and soon to be Top Agent !  I have "Real Dominance" and I know it.. ....And Real Dominance

To be perfectly honest i'm starting to get quite board with these housewife chicks.  I use to be addicted just like you ALL too, but lately the drama is just not that satisfying.

I think that they should give me a Reality show, although with my SCHED I don't think I'd have the time.. i'm Always working.

But that's just what "We do, if you want Real Dominance you gotta work it Honey... to make the Money.

I'M A Keller Williams Agent and Truly a "REAL housewife" in my own right !!  Call me or Download my APP to some great Long Island Homes !! Maria B. if your out there and need a home call me. = )


Just having some fun hanging here in the Rain. !!



Remember Happy is Contagious = )







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