Using A Realtor For A New Home Purchase

Real Estate Agent with Buetergerds Team at Keller Williams Realty Select

Using a Realtor for a new home purchase is actually a benefit to the consumer. Here is some information you need to hear before you shop for a new construction home. John Buetergerds of the Sarasota Suncoast Team at Keller Williams Realty Select, interviews Lennar Homes Southwest Florida Division Area Sales Manager Kyle Bernethy, and Lennar's New Home Consultant Art Korney, of Bridgewater at Lakewood Ranch. John ask's if they believe a buyer should hire a Realtor when buying a new home in Lakewood Ranch. Kyle and Art don't hold back in their recommendations.

You can watch the interview here:

John: Hi this is John Buetergerds with Keller Williams Realty Select in Lakewood Ranch and today I'm out with Kyle and Art at Lennar Homes at the Bridgewater properties. You know there is a lot of misconception about working with a Realtor and working with a buyer directly. And a lot of folks feel that they don't necessarily get, that they might get a better deal if they just go straight to the builder. Maybe you guys can tell me a little bit about what it's like for a buyer that doesn't work with an agent or what the benefits are with an agent.

Kyle: Yeah I can start that one off. There's definitely a lot of benefits of having two people assist in your building purchase. One your real estate agent is not only guiding you through the area, and whether it's Lakewood Ranch or the nearby area. But they are able to safely to the right person and the right property, maybe having an existing relationship. Once on site you are able to have all your questions answered with an on-site agent and expert really who specializes in not only construction detail, but also understands mortgage and title questions and has current relationships but can also guide you to properties that might not even be on the MLS. So the outside agent and the Realtor and the client really all benefit.

Art: If you are looking at properties in Lakewood Ranch, we would ask you to go to the Welcome Center. The ambassadors will give you full overview. You then actually have three people involved who are knowledgeable about the community and business of the Lakewood Ranch community.

John: I found in the past where I had out-of-town buyers that were building a home and they need someone to do a walk-through for them, I was able to be there for them as well and that's something experience/

Kyle: That's a big thing. We are working with a lot right now, actually we do deal a lot with up north clients and out-of-town and out-of country clients and if not only having your on-site agent but having local Realtor to help assist in those things, to take pictures and videos during the building stage and process. To be able to meet and have on weekly or bi-weekly basis to be able to understand what's going on with your property. It really gives the clients a real peace of mind when they are up in Canada or up north.

Art: You are their eyes and ears.

John: Great. So guys are the experts, you know what's going on. So a buyer's really going to gain to have an agent shepherd through the process.

Art: I would think so. You know anybody else is going to help assist you the home purchase is to your benefit.

John: And they are not gonna get a better deal if they cut the Realtor out?

Kyle: Definitely not. The same deal is offered through the builder with or without a Realtor. That's our policy at Lennar Homes. I can only speak for my own company. In my experience but absolutely, you only are going to get a higher level of service and it costs definitely nothing to the buyer. Except a better overall customer satisfaction.


John: Excellent. Thank you guys very much. I really appreciate your time.

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Thank you for reading my post "Using a Realtor for a new home purchase". 

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Comments (2)

Tammie White, Broker
Franklin Homes Realty LLC - Franklin, TN
Franklin TN Homes for Sale

John, I love this idea of interviewing a local on-site agent and asking these questions. I have worked with several on-site agents. It would be interesting to see if any would actually do it. 

Aug 18, 2014 03:32 AM
John Buetergerds
Buetergerds Team at Keller Williams Realty Select - Sarasota, FL
The Buetergerds Team

Tammie, you'd be surprised how open most agents are to these ideas. They want to sell their inventory and we can help them with that. 

Aug 18, 2014 05:07 AM