FILING A COMPLAINT Against A Manufactured Home Park Or Dealer

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Manufactured Home Park Or Dealer



When a resident/tenant of a

Manufactured Home Park

Community or a person/s who

has purchased a Factory Built

Home from a State Licensed

Manufactured Home dealer

has experienced mistreatment,

harrassment, bullying or some

form of abuse know that you

have a place to go for help. 


The California Housing & Community Development

Department  (HCD) offers the OMBUDSMAN PROGRM.


If you feel you are a victim of any form of mistreatment there are alternatives that you can use other than having to retain expensive legal representation that could cost you not only a lot of money but valuable time and frustration.


As a General & Manufactured Home Contractor, Manufactured Home Dealer and Developer, Real Estate Broker, Property Manager and Expert Witness with 3 decades of experience we will be presenting a series of posts on how a resident/tenant in a Mobile or Manufactured home rent/lease Park Community can file a complaint with the HCD OMBUDSMAN.


Filing a complaint can be done by any one of these processes:

File a Complaint Online (Online forms require Internet Explorer version 5.X or greater.):

Download and Complete a Complaint Form:

  1. Fill in the Complaint forms from below links and mail them:
    1. For dealer and private transactions:
      1. (English)
      2. (Spanish)
    2. For Mobilehome Park Act complaints:
      1. (English)
      2. (Spanish)
    3. For Employee Housing Act complaints:
      1. (English)
      2. (Spanish)
Please mail all complaint forms to:
California Department of Housing and Community Development(HCD)
PO Box 31 
Sacramento, CA 95812-0031

Contact Us to Request a Complaint Form:

You may request a complaint form be mailed to you by calling the Ombudsman’s Office at 
(916) 263-4742 or (800) 952-5275 or via e-mail at .

Contact Us

If you have a problem with the interactive complaint forms or downloading complaint forms or other inquiry, here's how to reach us :
Call: 1-800-952-5275 or (916) 263-4742


What Happens After You File a Complaint

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