Time is of the essence...what?? fence sitting can be expensive!

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I am pretty certain i'm not the only realtor out there this has happened to.  You have a buyer client who is considering new home construction.  You show them everything out there.  They sit comfortably on the fence throughout the Fall and Winter as you remind them time is of the essence. The builder calls you weekly with the temptations mounting (incentives! upgrades! great inventory!). 

So, I tell me client, "Mr Buyer, there are many more buyers in the Spring - -simple economics.  Supply and demand you know. 

Can you hear the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher?   Bwah bwaaah, bwah, bwah bwah bwaaah.  

Yes, come Spring in the new home industry...the incentives dry up, the builders' low interest rates disappear, the standing inventory vanishes, the required deposit quadruples,  the build out time extends, they tack on lot premiums and the coupe de gras....they actually expect you to pay the price listed on the sales brochure!! The nerve!!    

No matter how many times you say it, buyers are surprised when it happens!   Is it just me??   Is there a better way to get this across? 


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