Where Are All The Lenders??

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I have been on AR for about 4 years off and on, I made it my mission to be the #1 Loan Originator in my state of Oklahoma. During one of my furloughs, I was by-passed by another originator. That inspired to me to get back on AR and start getting connected again. What I do not understand is why are there not more loan originators on AR? As originators we are supposed to be making new relationships with Realtors right?? Well if this is the largest Realtor site, then where are the lenders??? It amazes me that they are not on AR meeting new agents and networking. Believe it or not this does work. I have met new Realtors from all over the country here, and the other loan officer (John Regur). Once you really see the power of AR it can catapult your network tremulously. I am inviting other lenders to get on and join and they are hesitant? Can someone tell me why? This is a great place to educate yourself on current events in our industry. If you are a Realtor on AR and your lender is not on here do you wonder why? I would love to hear feedback from you.



Patrick Chicklinski



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Joe Petrowsky
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Good morning Patrick. I have been on AR for just over three years and can tell you there are some amazing loan officers that write blogs on AR all the time. I wouldn't necessarily worry about what someone else is doing, but rather focus on your contribution to the real estate and mortgage community.

Thank you for commenting on my post.

Aug 20, 2014 01:49 AM
Patrick Chicklinski
Producing Branch Manager at Cardinal Financial Company. - Tulsa, OK
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Joe - Absolutely, I just find it odd that an LO would not be on here to network. I tell all my loan officers to get on and try it and they never do. Oh well. Thx!

Aug 20, 2014 09:39 AM