Another Condo Listing SOLD in 3 days! Another satisfied seller! This listing has a bitter sweet story.

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The owner of this unit sadly passed away unexpectedly and her family needed our help in selling it quickly. We were able to make this transaction smooth and quick with us receiving 2 cash offers in 3 days which one of them was for full list price. We were able to help her family sell it remotely without even having to come into town once. We send our condolences to the Woods family for their terrible loss and hope we were able to make it a little easier for your family by taking some of the stress out of selling the property. Your family is in our prayers and we appreciate your business.

Best Regards,
Robert Adams
Licensed Real Estate Broker in NV, MA, & RI

NV Broker/Salesman at The Adams Team at Rothwell Gornt Companies

MA & RI Real Estate Broker at Sankey Real Estate
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