Wonderful Living in Koreatown

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Koreatown!  Oh waht an exciting area it has become.  I am most interested in that niche area of Koreatown within the boundaries of Beverly Blvd. and Wilshirea and Vermont and Wetern. 

     This area is booming with activity and peopel wnt to move into the neighborhood.  this is a recent uproar...no one thoguht much about coming into this area 2 years ago.  I would have listings and a few low ball offers.  I would call the investors I knew and say, "hey, Ive got this 2300 square foot craftsman house  on an 8000 square foot lot ready for a make over.  Are you interested?"  And all th einvestors would say, "No, sounds good, but the risk is too high.  Can you find me something in Highland Park or Faircrest Heights?"  I'd say yes, and follow with saying that this is where I do my door knocking and this is really going to tbe the next million dollar neighborhood.  They didin't see it and even if they did , the risk outweighed the potential.  I never gave up.  I have continued to move people into the area and sell houses to young energetic people and couple and families ready to do the work and appreciative of all the area  has to offer. 

    Well now, the area is very desireable and buzzing with  activity.  Those same investors and developers are now calling me to find out what I might have  for them.  Prices are up.  A 2000 square foot house on a 8000 square foot lot is now $700,000.00  which could be sold for $1,100,000.00 if done up properly. 

     The current renaissance in the area is exhilerating.  These are some of best example of the California Craftsman Homes.  If you would like a personal tour, let me  know.  i'd love to share my views and knowledge of the history of the area with anyone who wants to listen.


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