House Hunters Update:)

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Eeek!  This is what I see when I flip ahead a few days in my calendar…  (And, yes, I still use my trusty, old-fashioned Franklin Covey paper calendar.)  Just in case it's hard to read my writing in the picture... It's two full days blocked for HOUSE HUNTERS! 

Yesterday I was emailed our filming schedule for this coming week…

If you’re in the St. Louis and/or Metro-East area – keep your eye open for the HGTV film crew!  On Tuesday, they’re filming all of their ‘local scenes’ shots.  The footage they show while the voiceover describes various aspects of the area. (I know for sure the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle is slated for an appearance.) 

And, on Wednesday morning, at 8am(!) they’re starting with – of all things – the Realtor interview!!!  (Did they not get the memo that I am NOT a morning person…?)  It seems there has been a delay in getting release forms from some of the “ideal” filming locations – including Jordan and Dawn’s apartment complex.  So, to make sure they have enough “B Reel” footage – we’re going to film some extra scenes at my office.

All this time I’ve been telling myself that this is really about Jordan and Dawn and the Realtor is just there… nobody watches the show to see the Realtor…  But now, all of a sudden, when we’re in need of more “B” rated material – I’m slated for more camera time.

After I’m done making a fool of myself at my office; we’ll progress to Jordan and Dawn’s new house where we’ll recreate their first showing.  (It almost sounds romantic when I say it like that, doesn’t it?)

Then, on Thursday – we’ll spend the morning (again starting at 8am!) at the first “decoy” house.  We’re scheduled to be there for almost eight hours before I’m dismissed and Jordan and Dawn will continue on to film more “back-story” footage with the crew. 

And, I still haven’t really committed to any outfits.  I need to re-read the “Wardrobe Guidelines” that HGTV sent me…  I did commit to some Crest Whitestrips – of which there is a much larger variety than there was the last time I randomly purchased those.  I probably had 10-12 different kinds of teeth whitening strips to choose from, ranging in price from about $12 to $60!  I went with one of the more plain and simple looking boxes – in the lower half of that price range.  I’m staying up just long enough for those to do their thing, so that I can practice getting up early.




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You better nail down that wardrobe Tara!  :)

Looking forward to hearing of more of this "behind the scenes" view.

Aug 22, 2014 11:31 PM