How Much is My Bull Mountain Tigard OR Home Worth?

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How Much is My Bull Mountain Tigard OR Home Worth?


 That is a GREAT question!  I get calls from homeowners that ask this all the time. Of course as you assess what is going on for sale in your neighborhood we always hear as agents “ My neighbor sold for “x price” and “Zillow says my  house is worth “X” (and either Zillow is right , wrong or somewhere in between) it’s tough as a homeowner how to know what your home is worth.


So Here is the best way to know how much your Bull Mountain Tigard OR home is worth.




First, you need to work with an agent you knows Bull Mountain and more specifically your neighborhood. Why? Because bull mountain is one of the trickiest places to price property. Why is that you ask? Because there are so many different neighborhoods that offer different types of homes, construction, lot sizes, popularity and school districts. I know some of my buyer clients will only look in one particular school district because they either already have children in that school district OR they want them in that school district for various reasons. The school boundaries on bull Mountain vary and it can make a complete difference.


Another factor is Bull Mountain is known as an affluent neighborhood of Tigard. While that may be true, there are different types of homes that offer less or more depending. Price points can range from the $300,000 range to over a Million dollars so knowing the difference is important wouldn’t you agree? I know one neighborhood on Bull Mountain that prices can range from the low $300,000 range to the $900,000 range within 1 block!


Other factors I would need to know as an agent to assess how much your Bull Mountain home is worth would be:  Do you have a large flat backyard? That can add serious value because it’s harder to find lots with any usable space for playing. Does your home have a view of Mt. Hood or the coastal range? That again can add value. Who was your builder? Was it Arbor homes, Legend, Cornerstone, Don Morsette or a Custom builder? Are there any negative drawbacks that affect your home? (i.e. backs to a busy road, near power lines, poor floor plan design, outdated, etc). 


The other factor is what is the market doing on Bull Mountain and especially in your neighborhood. Here’s a few things I assess when I look at pricing a property.


¨ How many homes are for sale in the area with similar amenities, size and school district that would be your direct competition?


¨ How long are homes taking to sell?


¨ How many price reductions are they having to have before they get an offer?


¨ What is the list to sell ratio? For example they may have started at one price, had 3 price reductions and sold at a larger spread then what they listed for.




There is a story in all of the information that helps determine what is the best pricing strategy to know what your Bull Mountain home is worth. It’s case by case and not identical in each situation. A professional agent that is experienced, like myself, can help you determine the best pricing strategy so you can net the most amount of money in your home. That is what you want isn’t it?




Contact me today to get a no obligation evaluation of your home to know how much your Bull Mountain Tigard Oregon home is worth. It will be time well spent! Looking at a website online to price you home is a huge financial mistake that I see people make all the time that costs them thousands of dollars.


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