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Realtors today have an incredible opportunity to drive home their brand image and profile FREE across several social media platforms.  I really liked the following BLOG.

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Social media updates are a widely underused opportunity for real estate agents to build their brand online. Here’s why an active, relevant presence on social media is a must-have for smart agents online;


1. Look Alive


An active social media presence shows that you’re an active agent. Some agents argue that frequent posting would send the impression that they’re not busy enough selling houses, but I’ll push back with this quote from established Realtor, Anne Jones;

“Publishing high-quality content is the new equivalent of driving a Mercedes. You may not be selling million dollar homes (yet!) but your marketing should look like you do.”

The same goes for sharing high quality content. No matter how busy they are, top-earning agents like Anne make sure their social profiles look alive – and so should you.


2. Stay Top-of-Mind


Social media is an opportunity to put your brand in front of hundreds or even thousands of people every day, depending on the size of your network. Every time you post an interesting update, a part of your network is reminded of what you do. The result; Your brand stays top-of-mind and your connections will be more likely to remember your name and face when they need an agent.


3. Establish Thought-Leadership


A thought-leader is someone who knows their industry and stays on top of trends that matter to their clients. Smart agents are using interesting, relevant social updates to establish themselves as thought-leaders in a crowded market. One or two articles a day, depending on the network, associates your personal brand with expert advice.


4. Engage


Engaging posts start conversations with clients. Sharing an article with tips for hosting an open house, for example, sends the message that you’re thinking of your clients’ needs. Replying to comments on articles establishes your brand as client-centric and conversational.

Bonus tip: Use @Mentions on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to engage directly with clients in updates and comments.


5. Lead the pack


How you market your brand says a lot about how you’ll represent your clients. Are you an adaptive, tech-savvy agent, or are you stuck in the pre-internet era? Clients want to know that you’ll use every channel possible to find or sell their home. Acknowledging the value of social media helps establish your brand as smart enough to stay ahead of the pack.

Need help getting active on social media? Send me a question at jen@projectrealty.co, or test-drive our social sharing tool for realtors here.

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