Nanuet Italian Restaurant Banchetto Fest- My Saturday at the Nanuet Mall

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This past Saturday, my girlfriend Amanda and I spent the day at the Nanuet Mall.  When it comes to Rockland County malls, I am a Capulet and Amanda is a Montague.  capulets vs. monragues



She loves the Palisades Center, or the "NEW MAll" as she still refers to it ten year later...I prefer all the "elbow room" at the Nanuet Mall.  And we quarrel on this often.


On Saturday, I convinced her to come to the Nanuet Mall since Boscov's will soon close.  I need a new winter coat and with the store closing I might get a steal.   I've been checking Boscov's each weekend recently to see how much prices will drop.  Currently, they've reduced coats by 50%. 

I'm holding out for further price reductions.  Sound familiar all you potential homebuyers???

I purchased  t-shirts for my 2-year-old niece at the Children's Place. For only $3 each.  If you need summer clothing for toddlers, check it out. But go to the mall instead of purchasing online.  HELP THE MALL!


I haven't been to the mall in a while, but I've followed the ch12 news and Rockland Journal News about how poorly business has been.  Nonetheless, It surprised me to see about 80 percent vacancies in the wing connecting to Boscovs.  The rest of the mall still has open stores but customers were scarce. 

We stumbled upon Banchetto Feast, an Italian restaurant on the first floor.  For a mall without any customers, it was jammed packed. This place might single handedly keep the mall afloat. They've received good reviews so we brought our post shopping appetites.

Being Italian, I overly criticize all Italian cuisine.  But the food was fantastic, they have more choicesthan most Italian restaurants and plenty of wine options.  We spilt a cold antipasto platter, which I am still picking on as I type.   I had Chicken pizzaiola and Amanda had some sort of girly salad :) 

I wish I had my camera to take pictures for everyone but something tells me I'll be back soon.


Michael Truiano

Rockland County Real Estate

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Maureen Maureen
Orangeburg, NY

Michael - So funny, I still call it the new mall also.  I go walking in the AM at the Nanuet mall but I rarely shop there.  I used to work at the Ice cream shop on the 2nd floor when I was in High School. It was a Baskin Robbins back then (I know I'm dating myself here).   I've never been to that restaurant but I'll have to try it.  

You should think about doing some Rockland restaurant reviews.  That way anyone searching the restaurant would come across your blog. 
* And I'd love some new restaurant tips.  :)

Apr 03, 2008 09:29 AM