RAMBLINGS..........August, 2014

Real Estate Agent with Richard Sawdon Realty Nevada County, Ca.

By:  Diane Sawdon

These are truly Random Ramblings~~nothing jumps out at me this month. My brain has turned to mush.
Today is the third day of August. It is only 84 degrees outside on my front porch right now. This temperature is a blessing. During the 31 days of July, I lived inside of a furnace~~a humid furnace. I am not sure if there is such a thing, but I know it existed in Nevada City. Heat makes this old woman cranky. Well, crankier than most days, I guess. I think I detest Summer now. Is that too strong of a word?? As a child growing up, I could not wait for Summer to arrive. On the last day of school, when the bell sounded, it meant I was headed to the Russian River for twelve weeks of blissful living in the home of my Grandparents. It was a time of swimming every day in the river, dinners outside on the patio, long walks in the evenings with friends and neighbors, my Grandmother’s exquisite cooking, my Grandfather’s wacky sense of humor and, best of all, no particular bedtime. This was life at it’s best to a kid.
If memory serves me well, it was just about a year ago that I wrote about Bert’s Bee’s no longer making the color of Lip Shimmer that I have worn for too many years. I seriously do not think that Mr. Bert Bee has been reading my Ramblings and heard my sorrow and disappointment in my written words, but much to my amazement, when I walked into our local CVS Pharmacy this past month, there in the small, plastic display case was MY Cocoa Lip Shimmer. I tossed six, tiny tubes into my basket in complete abandon and joy. Small pleasures can be such a treat. Thanks Mr. B. Bee.
We showed a young couple and their two adorable boys a home this morning. We have showed them other properties, but these past showings have all had major flaws that were deal breakers to the buyers. Today was a different story. It was so rewarding to see big smiles on their faces and hear them thinking about making future plans. Is this a property for everyone?? No. It is ten acres at the end of the county road~~~just what they have been looking for for a very long time. The home, itself, is warm cozy and down to earth. Perfect for this family. I have no idea if this purchase will ever take place, but it sure made my morning to see grins on faces and hear little boys exploring what just might be their new home for many years ahead. I guess we will just have to wait~~~time will tell.
We will be celebrating three family birthdays this month. August is the month of the Family TriFecta Birthday Celebration. My Better Half has a “big one” to celebrate. Since he publishes this, I shall not mention a number and our daughter and son-in-law are now forty something folks. We will share a meal, open gifts and enjoy the anniversary of another year. The best part of the day is just being together. Living in different cities and towns up and down the California Central Valley and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, makes our time together exceptional.
I think the man next to me wants me to send this to him. He is reading Yahoo News to me about a three million dollar RV in Dubai. Yes, you read all of that correctly. Now, he has switched to the sale of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s Malibu home for over seven million dollars. I told you my brain had turned to mush.
Time for school soon. My granddaughters start in ten days. Yikes! Whatever happened to starting school after Labor Day?? I know, I am showing my age with that last sentence. I am a Dinosaur.
I am planning on a much cooler month ahead or I shall be moving to the Coast.










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