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RAMBLINGS.....September, 2014

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By:  Diane Sawdon

On Friday I was participating in the worst possible household chore~~~rearranging one’s dust aka dusting.  I detest this job.  No matter how hard I try to be diligent and find every last morsel of dust in a room, it quickly reappears in another room of the house.   I have used every product know to man, well, make that woman, and none live up to the hype of their advertisement.   My solution is not to move anything around in the room and one will never see where the dust has layered itself on any given surface.   This seems to work for awhile until the little angelic voice on my right shoulder lays enough guilt on my conscience and I, once again, indulge in this useless ritual.  

There was a reason I just wrote that paragraph~~~I was dusting in our office and I entered the hallowed territory of my husband’s desk.  Usually I work around this sacred (to him, anyway) space, but the dust was so thick, desperate measures were needed.  I came across an inscribed rock I had purchased for him many years ago.  Back in the day, when I bought the rock, it seemed like the perfect message for him.  It says, “Nothing Can Bring You Peace But Yourself.”   Well, now it seems like the ideal message for me.

I have been feeling cranky, useless, stressed, sleepless and generally not fit for man or beast.  I am not sure why I am slogging around in this funk, but I do know that looking at the simple rock gave me pause for reflection.  I do not like to wallow in self pity.  Being cranky takes too much energy and sleeplessness does not make for a positive outlook the following day. 

I decided to look for a resolution to my foul mood where I usually find comfort and relief~~~outside in the dirt.  I like to think that keeping company with Mother Nature is the location of my own personal cathedral.   My Grandma, the wisest woman I ever knew, once told me that “you do not have to go to church to have your prayers heard.”  I do an enormous amount of conversing/praying in the garden.  Dirt, to me, anyway, is cleansing.  

Little miracles are showing themselves in the garden.  The calendar says three more weeks until the official arrival of Fall, but my red maples are beginning to show some color, the mornings are dark,temperatures are much cooler in those early morning hours, the squirrels are digging holes everywhere to bury their acorns and my oversized, orange orbs are just about ready to be picked. 

Someone has been listing to my silent garden conversations.   Thanks Mother Nature!!  Enjoy the arrival of Fall and all of it’s glorious color and bounty.