Attention All Licensed Real Estate Agents & Loan Officers!

Mortgage and Lending with American Guardian Home Loans


[CENTER]American Guardian Home Loans is a Direct Lender Licensed in CA, NM, OR, and FL Attention All Licensed Real Estate Agents & Loan Officers! BE A MORTGAGE BANKER NOT A BROKER!!! FHA – VA – REVERSE – AGENCY - COMMERCIAL[/CENTER] Working with American Guardian, you can:  Take Advantage of in-house Underwriting, Doc, and Funding Programs for faster Closings.  Avoid outside lender’s underwriter’s conditions  Maintain a speedy turn around time for in-house loans  Guarantee 24-48 hour turn-around on Underwriting, Docs, and Funding!!!  Process your own loans (CA only),  Out-of-state loans, use our processors.  Use any licensed appraiser you want. Loan Officers YOU can make up to an 80% Commission* FHA??? YES, you can do those too! VA??? YES, you can do those too! Agency??? YES, you can do those too! COMMERCIAL LOANS??? YES, you can do those too!  FHA Full Eagle Lender  Never Have to Disclose your YSP  State-of-the-art Loan Pricing Technology & Loan Origination System  No Start-up Fee, No Other Costs  W-2 with Benefits (401K Plan, Health, Dental, Death)  Mortgage Training & Business Development Seminars  Leadership Training & Seminars  No Minimum Production (must remain active)  Use Independent Title & Escrow Companies  Access to More Than 75 Lenders  E & O Insurance Included  No Desk Fee, No Franchise Fee  Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, Loan Processing  FHA, VA, RD, Conforming, Manufactured Housing, Construction, Agency, Alt-A, Non-Conforming, Sub-Prime, SISA, SIVA, HELOC's, Jumbo, Super Jumbo and other niche products Bank 99% of your deals! Broker the other 1% *Closed Brokered loans as low as $500.00 [CENTER][SIZE="4"]American Guardian Home Loans[/SIZE] [URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL][/CENTER] [SIZE="5"][CENTER]Houtan Hormozian[/CENTER][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"][CENTER]Tell: 877-960-LEND[/CENTER][/SIZE]

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